Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Easier to Blame Me!

Why do some people always think it is easier to blame someone else for their behavior, and people who find animals are no different. I know I am a control freak, but even I have time off, and the few hours I manage to grab with my husband or family are precious to me. I still manage to be on my phone, and answer people, but not as much, but it seems that having time off is wrong!

Last night I was out with my husband, when a guy who adopted a dog from me, messaged and said he found a kitten. The kitten was in the middle of the road, weak, and sick so he took it to a vet.... pat on the back for that.... he messaged to ask if I could take the kitten, I answered and said I couldn't as I had 62 cats, and sorry but I couldn't help.

He messaged back..... " so I will kill it then" now this is something I hear a lot, people always throw the "Im going to kill it, unless you help" speech into the conversation. I am not shocked anymore, and will not play the blackmail game, so ignored his message. Why do people think they can guilt you into taking animals. Come on people man up, you want to kill it then do so, but don't try and guilt me into taking animals.

In my mind it was done, I had answered him, he had thrown his statement out there, but oh no he then went on to post on our FB page stating I had forced him to kill the kitten. errrrrrr rewind there, you told me you were killing it, I never once suggested it. Of course, though it was my fault, it always is. Apparently, because I had not taken the kitten, and he had not bothered to contact anyone else on the island it was my fault.

People like this really piss me off, you want to kill the kitten then do so on your own back, do not lump the blame onto me, making me out to be the bad guy. So, the usual pathetic argument continued on FB where he continued to blame me for his decision to kill the kitten. Why can people not man up when they make crappy decisions, it is far too easy to blame others, especially me. I have in the past been blamed for the Zika virus, Ebola, and starvation in Africa. So, feel free if you want to blame me, for all world disasters, maybe a hurricane can be named after me soon :)

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