Thursday, 3 August 2017

Bionic Goat

Magic forgets that he is a 600KG animal, and that not everything needs to go in his mouth like a chew toy. This means that if any animal is stupid enough to be slow enough, then he grabs them waves them around, and throws. Sadly this is what happened to Gloria, our small 3KG Pygmy goat, and the moment I saw her I knew he had done more than knock the wind out of her.

I didnt need xrays to tell me, she had a broken leg, and at that point I had decisions to make, we could try and save the leg, remove the leg or shoot the goat. I rung the farm vets, and they said shoot as she was useless now, and "just a goat"  The thing is Gloria was more than just a goat, she was part of our family. So, I made the drive to my vet, yes he is only a domestic animal vet, but a broken leg is just a broken leg.

There is me sat in reception with a small bleating goat in a transport box, you would think it was a tiger the way people were staring at us. A long discussion happened, and xrays taken, Gloria had snapped her hip, well in fact the great big lump called magic had snapped her hip for her. This was no quick fix, this was surgery, and money.

Four hour surgery, one bionic goat later and major worries about recovery as goats dont deal well with surgery. I was told, I had to pull her tongue out every 30 minutes, or she would choke, yippee another long night ahead. I was told I was insane, as no goat was worth the money, some people just dont get it at all.

The fact is we save animals, we choose to have them here, which means when accidents happen, and vets bills come in, we deal with them. Ok, we might not be able to eat for a while, but hey who needs food when you have a bionic goat.

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