Friday 11 August 2017

Lost For Words

There are very few occasions when I have no idea what to say, however, the other day I stopped typing, and simply stared at the screen I had no response for the idiot. The French Bull Dogs went up for adoption, so I braced myself for the usual tidal wave of applicants. The typical mix bag came, the good, the bad, and the down right stupid.

There was a lady who applied, had other FBD, and seemed to know the breed, she wittered away about her dogs, and then dropped the bombshell... she was a breeder. She proudly told me how she was a KC breeder, and how she always ended up keeping one from the litters. I actually didn't know where to go with this one.

Ok, she knew he was castrated, so didn't want him for breeding, but the fact she had contacted a rescue for a dog, and was proud of the fact she was part of the problem stunned me into silence.

I explained due to people like her millions of dogs die every year in kill pounds around the world. That rescues and pounds were overflowing with pure breed dogs that had been bought and then dumped.

Did she care... did she hell, and even went on to tell me that it was ok she only sold to good homes or other breeders WTF. was this woman some kind of stupid. People like this make me sick, all she actually cared about was the money she was making. I did ask her how much she earnt, and she didnt answer, as she just could not see why I was pissed off.

I did invite her to wander around a kill shelter, and see all the dogs, and told her that hundreds of puppies will die this week, however, she simply kept defending herself, stating people had a choice. Yes that is the problem PEOPLE have a choice but DOGS don't. They dont ask to be bred over and over, or end up in a cage, or dead.

People make this choice for them, stupid, ignorant, money grabbing people like this woman. The conversation rapidly went down hill, and I do believe the words "you will adopt from me when hell freezes over, now fuck off back under your rock" were used. Do I care ....No!

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