Saturday 10 March 2018

When you Think You Have Seen it All

So, a Bull Terrier was picked up by the police this week, in very poor state, usual skin infections, overgrown claws and a huge chunk out of his side.

He also has a docked tail which looked infected, and was obviously in pain. When we took him to the vet I said better to knock him out so we could have a good look without fear of being bitten.

The vet examined him, cut his claws, and then checked microchip details, whilst he was at his laptop, I thought I would see if he had been castrated. I rolled him over, and that is when I saw we were lacking something, in fact we were lacking everything. I looked up and said "guys, we appear to be missing something"

The poor dog had nothing, no genitals at all, it was like they had been sliced off. The vet confirmed that no vet had done this , or it was a "bad" vet due to the butcher job on the dog.

He has scarring all over his legs, so we can only presume something happened, who knows what, but it was all removed by someone.

The pain the dog must have been in is unthinkable, and even now no one knows how uncomfortable the dog is. Yes, he can pee but his hormones, and overall mentality must be affected.

Having lived like this for sometime he has learnt to adapt, and the next few weeks/months will show how his attitude is, and what the future holds. As with all the dogs he is getting the best care, and hopefully he will get his happy ending to his shit life soon.

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  1. I'm more than shocked but never surprised at the depravity caused by man, I'll send you a donation I'm horrified x