Wednesday 21 March 2018

We Won!

Back in January we received a call in the middle of the night to attend a police raid on a premises that had many starved and abused dogs. What we walked into will live with me forever. Stepping over dead bodies, staring into the eyes of emaciated dogs pleading for help, never gets any easier.

We agreed to take four dogs, and eleven were saved in total. The case was one of the most high profile on this island, it hit every paper, news channel, and we were gagged no photos, no updates.

Sadly Telde 1 gave up her fight just two days after being saved, her body could not cope with the severe abuse and neglect she had suffered. This made me more determined to fight for these dogs.

On March 16th we were awarded custody, and paperwork all processed we can now reveal the dogs, and get them ready for adoption. Telde 2 and 4 have homes..... and they have simply been waiting to travel.


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