Saturday 30 September 2017

Sid The Sloth

Three months ago a small, old yorkshire terrier came in from the pound....POUNDIE 346..... she was weak, sick, no teeth and very old.... She became my number nine....

Sid the sloth (you have to have seen Ice Age to understand) became part of our clan, and this funny, quirky little dog fitted in....

She is no trouble, and we love her and her dribble, and silly look. Today Sid became ill, she rapidly went down hill, and I honestly thought her days were numbered.

Thankfully she is a fighter, and although she is on a drip at home, and has meds galore, I feel more positive that she will recover. So , another long day, more worry, more expense.... rescue dogs they said... it would be fun they said....

Thursday 28 September 2017

Some Get To You More!

The pound is never a nice day out, it is tough, emotional, and I always leave a piece of me at the gates as I leave. However, there are dogs in there that I know I can walk past, and not feel the tug to save as I am sensible to know I cannot save them all. Puppies I tend to leave, as they have a high chance of adoption, but yesterday a pup broke my heart.

I glance at the pups, point and go "oh that cute" and walk by, I don't give them anymore of my time, but yesterday my partner in crime stopped, and shouted " Lou he has only got 3 legs" I was like "wtf" and sure enough this tiny puppy had nothing more than a stump.

He was trying to stand on his three good legs, but had not mastered balance yet. So toppled over right in front of me, well there was no doubt he was leaving with us.

Stumpy as he was quickly christened, has had his leg cut off, and not by a vet. It is a rough cut, with no finesse of a surgeon, and I can see no reason other than cruelty.

  As with many abused dogs Stumpy is loving, and has no idea why we are all so upset. He is approx 10 weeks old, so we are hoping that he will learn to live with his little stump, and get the home he deserves.

Stumpy and the five other dogs we saved yesterday are now safe, and ready for the next chapter of their lives. Me..... I left a larger piece of my heart at the gates.... and hope that one day I wont have to.

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Relaxing Sunday's

Sundays are supposed to be relaxing are they not? Cooking a roast, laying on the sofa, not answering the phone..... Yeah right, in my house it consists of every muppet on the island finding animals, fixing things, and catching up on many messages.

I got a call that a guy was about to kill his ducks, and if I wanted some to get there quick. So, off we went following some bad directions from a guy we didn't even know. When we go to a lot of fincas, I always get the feeling we are going to end up on the front page of the newspaper "Local woman found cut up into small pieces by axe murderer"

We rounded the corner, and there was the smallest room ever with an Aladdin cave of animals, chickens, turkeys, a donkey, cats, goats and a duck all fighting for space, and bread that was being thrown on the floor for them. I always have to remember that I am there to save animals, not give a twenty minute lecture on living conditions for animals.

The guy grunted, pointed to a duck and asked if I wanted it, of course I said yes, and asked if he had  a box. The look I got convinced me I had finally grown the extra head I needed! He shuffled off, and returned with a feed sack and a a knife. I smiled at him and hoped he knew I wanted the duck alive, and not dead for sunday roast.

It was ok, he proceeded to put air holes in the dirty sack for the duck, how nice of him. The duck was then dumped in the bag, and thrust in my direction, As we wandered back to the car, duck in a sack, we discussed the other animals, and came up with a plan to get them.

The journey home was the typical smelly, duck shit aroma drive that I am used to, well come on who doesn't have a duck in sack on the floor of their car on a Sunday morning?

Tuesday 26 September 2017


Lorenzo is a dog that touched so many people, a short video of him went out on the internet, and a mass frenzy occurred. The video showed him chained, starved, and kids throwing rocks at him, he was eating the rocks thinking they were food. The moment I saw the video I knew we had to save him, sadly all the wannabe hero's wanted him too.

Thankfully the volunteers guessed where lorenzo was located and got to him first, but this didn't stop other "rescues" claiming they had him. Fund raising, and appealing, and begging for money for a dog they didn't even have. Sadly, a very common thing that happens, and people donate not realizing, but I sat back and didn't say a word until we safely had lorenzo.

Lorenzo was skin and bone, nothing medically wrong with him.... just food. He had lived his whole short life on a chain, and for whatever reason had been abandoned and left to starve.

Although humans had done this to him, he still loved humans without any grudges.... I love dogs for that!

Lorenzo came home, and ate, and ate, and ate...... he soon gained weight, and thrived. 

 I promised Lorenzo that he would never have to go hungry again, and he loved his food :) 

 Lorenzo was ready to look for his new home, and a wonderful lady came forward asking if she could adopt him. 

His life has changed forever, and soon he will begin his journey to his new life, which is fantastic. Dogs like Lorenzo are why I do this..... why your donations are so important.... why we fight every day to change the lives of as many dogs as we can. 

Monday 25 September 2017

Burnt Out!

Last week was hectic, even by my standards, I was drained, and busy as ever and then the island caught fire. We were on transport when we heard that a fire was spreading towards our property, although it was in the middle of the island, the wind was pushing it, and within hours it was dangerously close to us.

The guardia begun to evacuate the villages one by one, all heading in our direction, and messages came flooding through to help us evacuate.

The problem was a) I wasnt there and b) where the hell was I supposed to put all these animals. I spoke to my husband and he agreed, he was going no where. He would flood the property if needed, and stay with the animals.

Now the island being on fire, and heading towards our home was scary enough, but not being there, made it 100 times worse. We were trying to ring emergency services to see how close it was, I was getting messages from people in panic mode... thanks for that just what I needed!

As the fire took hold, the fireman battled through the night to contain the blaze, and thank god they did. It came within 13KM of us, which was close enough thank you. The devastation it left was soul destroying, and I was thankful that we had not been chosen by mother nature to suffer that night.

On my return, I wandered my property, stepping over the ashes that were blowing in, hugged my husband and knew I needed a break. The summer months had taken a toll as they always do, and I like the fire was burnt out. So, sorry the blog has been absent for a few days, but we had a few days away, for me to sleep far too much, and recharge before the winter months.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Because No One Else Will!

I have a reputation.... for being a bitch, but other than that for taking the dogs that no one else will. I take the blind, the old, the three legged dogs, the ones that are scruffy and unloved, and need something extra. Why do I take these dogs...... because no one else will.

Many rescues take easy adopts.... the small, cute, fluffy appealing dogs, no dis respect but anyone can rehome these. We take these, but also the 50KG dogs, the dogs with broken legs, deformities, and generally the dogs that cause my vet to go.... "oh louise" with his head in his hands.

Pulpi had a deformed foot, but she deserved a chance just like all the others...

Luca was so matted that we could not even see what dog he was, and then we discovered he was 14..... but he found an amazing home... 

Stanley was old and blind, but deserved a chance of happiness.... the dogs go on and on that we have saved that everyone else walked past. That other rescues ignored, because they may be too difficult. Surely rescue is about challenges, and rescuing the dogs that need it the most?

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Many Times it is Simply Food!

Many of the animals we agree to take are in incredibly poor condition, but often all they need is food and time. There is nothing medically wrong with them, which is often even more annoying, knowing that all someone had to do was feed it, is crazy.

Back in February we were asked to get involved in a case with some horses. A lady had "rescued" so many and could no longer cope, she could not afford the vets, food and farrier for all of them.

One stood out from all the others, she was painfully thin, with a poor coat, and many sores. I agreed to take her straight away.

When Maggie arrived, she was no more than a walking frame of a horse, and an animal this size doesnt get like this overnight.

 As with all the horses the vet is called within a few days to rule out any medical reasons for her condition. Needless to say she had nothing wrong, apart from the fact she had not been fed. Maggie needed food, that was all, food and love, both of which her previous owner failed to give her. 

Maggie today just seven months on, she is healthier, with an amazing coat, she has gained weight and confidence. We have since discovered that she has had a broken hip in the past as she walks with a limp. As with all the horses, Maggie is here to live a happy carefree life, never having to worry about where her next meal is coming from. 

Your support and donations make this possible, so Thank you. 

Monday 18 September 2017

What Would You Do For Money?

As I sit with my head in my hands pondering how I am going to pay the vets bill next week, I do consider selling a kidney or a child. However, it seems these days rescues are breeding their own animals and selling them to make money! I kid you not.... Two in less than a week have popped up proudly selling puppies and kittens to fund their rescues!

WTF..... surely this goes against everything we do? Am I missing something? Are we not supposed to be sterilizing animals, so there are not more in the world? Surely breeding from them, is just wrong, please tell me I am right! So one rescue proudly saved a male dog... then a female dog.... and of course the next thing you think they would do is breed from them...

No matter how many times I read it, I am still in shock! 

Then there is the rescue that proudly posted earlier how they have bred from their cat, to sell the kittens to rescue dogs..... Sorry again that is WRONG! How can anyone stand there proudly flogging kittens and puppies, and then ask people to support their rescue.  Maybe I am wrong and this is a good thing to do....... nope sorry its a crappy thing to do! 

Sunday 17 September 2017

Go Fund Me!

Ok, I have decided I would like new boobs, and a Ferrari oh and a posh house with a pool, if I set up a go fund me account, will you all give me cash?

WTF.... I have seen four "rescue" groups recently all asking for money to move!! When I moved fincas I had to work hard and pay for it myself, why do these people think it is normal or right to ask others to pay. They set up their go fund me pages, and ask for donations. Am I doing something wrong, as I think that is really rude.

People like to help rescues, to buy food, to save animals, why do they think people want to help with the cost of their rent, or to move. One woman wants 2700€ a month to pay the rent on her finca, another wants 5000€ to move and another want 20,000€ to move. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be asking for money for a new sofa?

To me shows a bad rescue, as there is no line between rescue and their lifestyle. Yes we all need the land/property to run our rescues, but helping the animals is far more important, I would rather sit with a leaking roof and save another dog, than spend the money on a roofing sheet. Maybe that is why I can sleep at night, and why i rescue so many animals successfully.

Seriously though..... can I have the funds for a new sofa?

Saturday 16 September 2017

Stupid People!

Why are some people so stupid that you just want to hit them with a shovel to see if it makes a difference. An English rescue contacted me yesterday to see if I could help them to get a dog over to the UK. No problem at all, I believe in working together, I knew of the dog it had been living on the patio at the pound for sometime, and my understanding was a local woman had adopted him. It seems she had asked the rescue to take, and everyone was now struggling.

So, I offered to take the dog, transport him, at a third of the cost they had been quoted, all was good, rescue happy, and then the stubborn woman dug her heals in. She hates me... well join the back of the queue this isn't about me, it is about getting a dog to its home. The dog is chipped to her, therefore, she has to agree, and was she going to was she hell.

All morning the rescue and I messaged, and both got frustrated as all they wanted to do was get the dog, and all I wanted was to help. I was due to go to the pound so I spoke to the vet there, who this woman had claimed wouldn't give me dogs! The vet agreed the dog could not stay on the patio, and they could see no problem with me taking.

EVERYONE apart from this woman saw no issue  with me helping, but still she said no. WTF is wrong with people all I care about is seeing the dog off a bloody patio and into a home, but nope she flatly refused. Usual claims of beating, starving, eating the dogs, I actually dont care anymore, it is all so pathetic.

So, the dog is now living with this woman muzzled as her dog doesnt like it, until she can arrange transport. The rescue have to pay a stupid amount of money all because this woman cannot see what is best for the dog. Oh and lovely rant on your page with your supporters slagging me off... claiming I was doing it for the money!... FACT  I was getting NOTHING.... not even petrol money, I was doing it to help a dog, its what we do!

Friday 15 September 2017

There is Simply No Place For Ego's

Animal rescue is about the animals not you! - this statement seems obvious enough, however, too many people want the glory, the pats on the backs and the gold stars. REALLY .... if that is why you do this, then you are doing the wrong thing. I can honestly say hand on heart I do not do this for the well dones, and the you are amazing speeches, I do this to save lives.

I run a very successful rescue, and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved, but I dont need to shout about it from the roof tops. Far too many rescues, spend all their time writing and posting about how much they have done, and waiting for the "OMG you are amazing" posts. My rescue is a success because I dont care what people about me, I care about the animals.

My rescue is also a success because I live it, breathe it, and make sure I am involved with every single part of it. For me this is not a hobby, this is serious, and I take it very seriously, as it is me that has to answer the questions when it goes wrong, and pay the bills out of the smallest pot of money in the world.

I work with an incredible team of people, and firmly believe team work is essential. Taking the time to build a team from the vets to the transport team will ensure that every aspect of the rescue goes well. I am a determined person, and do believe that we can all make a difference, no matter what the odds are.

I believe in what I do, that we CAN make a difference, and that we WILL succeed, this encourages others to feel the same. However, I also do not think that I know everything, and every day I learn something new, which enables me to pass this on and make sure we save more animals.  I don't want to be the star, I want my team to shine.

Far too many people get upset because they want to be part of what we do, but want to do it their way, and make sure everyone knows they are "rescuing" My team is effective, and does an incredible job due to the fact we achieve so much without people even realizing it. With the right team with me on this journey, we can save so many lives.

Thursday 14 September 2017

Puppies in Boxes!

Puppies in boxes here is so common, it doesn't even shock me anymore, it does piss me off though. What makes anyone think if you put puppies in a box that they will stay there, as they wriggle and move. So, what happens is the puppies get out of the box, wander off, get hit by cars, or starve to death.

Huge pat on the box there to the arsehole who dumped them, but its all OK, because they put air holes in the box for the puppies. I would love to ask someone what goes through their mind when they dump the puppies. Do they think they are doing the right thing? Do they think its OK someone will definitely save them? Or do they actually not care less.

If you want rid why not just seal the box, and kill the pups, why leave them in boiling heat no water, no shade, but air holes, so they die slower? I spend a long time trying to work out what goes through these peoples heads, I know I shouldn't waste oxygen and time on them, but I like to know what makes people do what they do.

These guys are full of worms, parasites, fleas, and are weak, but we are hoping now that we are picking up the bill to save them, vaccinate them and find them homes that they will thrive. So, thanks to the idiot that dumped the five sick puppies in the box on Tuesday morning, you have just cost me time, effort, and money.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Why A Puppy?

Puppies are the biggest headache that were put on this planet. everyone wants them, and a huge majority get dumped when older. When people message asking for a puppy, I honestly ask them why.... Puppies are a nightmare, and I have no idea why people would want one.

If you are not prepared to invest the time with a puppy they are balls of mass destruction, everything will be destroyed. Shoes, clothes, food, furniture, all destroyed, by your bundle of fun. They bark for attention, they bark for food, they bark to be played with, in fact they bark a lot.

Of course there is the toilet training to consider. Anyone who has ever stepped in puppy poop barefoot, will know that experience lives with you forever. The second you put your foot down, and feel the poop in between your toes, you know that it will take hours to remove.

Yes, puppies are cute, and fluffy, and love to play and cause chaos, but seriously guys why would you want a puppy. I hear all the reasons, " oh we want a dog to grow up with our children" Well all dogs will do that. "we want a dog we can train" again all dogs will do that.

As long as people are buying or adopting puppies, breeders will continue to produce them. Many will be dumped when the family is bored, and a huge number will never be steralised, causing a huge issue. Adopting a dog is great, but consider adopting an older one, they have as much love to give, if not more.

Saturday 9 September 2017

Quick Close the Borders!

Today I heard the funniest thing ever, a UK vet has made sure that they get the award for spouting the biggest load of rubbish yet. I have been accused of many things over the years, but endangering the UK, and all dogs there is the best yet. Are you wondering what I did? Well I fear the UK will have to close the borders, and quarantine everyone...... A Spanish Tick was found.

Not just any tick, but a Spanish one... I did wonder if it was clutching a straw donkey, wearing a sombrero, but apparently these killer ticks are deadly to English dogs!

Our ticks it seems are fatal, deadly, and we need to call in the army... the navy and everyone else to deal with this crisis. Now don't get me wrong ticks are nasty, and cause me huge headaches, which is why we treat our dogs.

However, it seems one of our paella eating ticks has managed to hitch a ride to the UK. I bet it wish it hadn't when it saw how cold it was. You will currently find him, standing on the M25 hitching a ride back to Spain. Seriously though come on people, I know they are your vets, and you trust them, but please think about things.

In fact UK ticks are actually more dangerous as you have Lyme disease, we don't have that here, so your ticks are far more of a hazard than ours! So yet again a UK vet has over exaggerated, and made out we have weird and wonderful creatures, and disease.... but if you do see a HUGE tick wearing a Spanish flag tell him to come home.

They Just Keep Coming

As the summer months roll on, the dogs just keep coming, I hate this time of year, it seems so much harder, more dogs, less donations, more stress. The heat continues to be an issue, and we are FULL, but of course when bad cases pop up, we find room, resources, and money. Two really bad cases came in recently, back to back, both we could not turn away, both have stretched us financially.

Lorenzo was found chained and starved, he was eating rocks to survive, how he was still alive we do not know, but he had the strength to hold on.

When we were asked to take him and help, it was an obvious yes, and thankfully nothing was medically wrong. Food was all Lorenzo needs, and time, he is improving every day, has gained weight, and has a fantastic personality.

Destiny was found the day after, again starved, and left to die.....

She sadly had many other issues, and has gone through major surgery. Destiny was found to have 14 mammary tumors, a huge tumor, and two hernias.

Thanks to your donations we have operated. and she is on the road to recovery, but it will be slow, but we are there, every step of the way.

Both of these dogs I could not say no to, and thankfully our supporters helped with costs, which I am grateful of, as there was simply no money left. So, thank you to every single one of you that support what we do, even a small amount can make a huge difference to these dogs.

Friday 8 September 2017

Where Would You Like Me To Stick It?

We travel a lot with the dogs, so we know the drill, we know where to go, where to sit, and we also know how bloody uncomfortable it is going to be. Although airlines, state you can travel with animals in the cabin, and state an 8kg dog, in a airline approved bag what they mean is a 1kg dog, in a teeny bag.

We transport our cabin dogs in airline approved dog rucksacks, this gives them plenty of room, we can wheel them around making it better for us and the dog.

However, they are quite large, so when it comes to getting on the plane, this is when the fun begins. Anyone who travels will know that attempting to get comfortable on a plane is impossible. The seats are designed to provide the least amount of comfort, and certainly not fit more than you in them.

Many times there is no one sitting next to you when you have animals which is great, as the dog goes on the floor next to you, taking up the whole floor space. When the plane is full, this is when the fun begins, So, there is me all 6ft of me, one handbag and a dog rucksack to cram into the seat.

Handbag under seat in front, knees up against the seat in front as that is how I have to travel, praying the guy in front doesn't whack his seat back. and very large, heavy dog bag and dog on lap.

 Is this allowed nope, and the stewardess, always walks past, stops, tuts, and says "madam, your dog needs to go on the floor" With which I reply sweetly "where would you like me to stick it as there is no room" You can physically not fit the bag on the floor and your legs. Slight design fault there airline.

Nothing about the next 2.5 hours of my life is pleasant, the bag gets heavier, the guy in front always tries to put his seat back, but of course he cant because the bag is there, so he moans, and mutters. the person sitting next to you often has a look of horror that you have an animal on the plane, and treat you as if you have toxic waste on board.

Then because the bag is pushing on your bladder, the need to pee is an issue, but you cannot move, not even an inch for the whole flight. You cant sleep, due to the muttering, the bag, the need to pee, so you sit and stare at the dog fast asleep in the bag, thinking ..... rescue animals they said.... it would be fun they said....

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Chaining Dogs!

Putting a dog on a chain is something that we see a lot here, and although at first I was very adamant ALL dogs should be unchained, there are situations now where I understand the owner. The problem is we always focus on the bad cases, and not the legitimate reason why a dog is chained.

Don't get me wrong, chaining a dog 24 hours a day, leaving it without food and water, or the chain being too short, or too heavy is not acceptable.

There are many Canarians that love their dogs, and education has meant that chaining is normal, and often they use the pully runs here, which I found very clever. These allow the dogs to run around the property, but not leave it.

As an owner of two dogs that love to escape I know how hard it is to keep a dog in when they want to get out. I don't chain my dogs, but I also spend most of my day screaming "get back in here arseholes", at them .

Before, anyone jumps on the all dogs can be trained to stay in an area, some can't. For some owners, chaining the dogs so they remain on the property when they are not there is the only option. Many owners don't live on their fincas, therefore, when they leave they want to know their dog will be there, when they return.

As with everything in the world, you need to look at all of the facts, and speak to the owner, to see why they chain their dogs. Every situation is different, and for some people we need to help to educate them on other ways, not just jump down their throat and declare they are bad owners.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

When The Injuries Are Just Too Much!

Finding a dog on the street, you have no idea what injuries it has, or had in the past so it is a bit like the lottery and you don't always win. The police brought me a dog a while ago that was scaring the local children. He was thought to have been abandoned, and was wandering the streets trying to survive, but the locals wanted him gone.

The police were called as he was big, and not the best looking dog, he had obviously had a hard life, but I did not know the full extent until we xrayed.

Troll as we named him, walked strange, he had several old injuries, and his jaw was out of line. He had ribs sticking out of his side, and none of his feet lined up. His breathing was deep and he struggled when he walked, a lot like a 60 a day smoker. I could honestly see why he scared small children.

Although he was a stray, he was quiet, and no trouble at all. I decided the vets needed to see this dog to determine what could be fixed, and what was wrong in detail.

We xrayed Troll, and all stood there head in hands, as this dog had so many injuries we lost count. Nearly every bone in his body had been broken, and healed, he had so many injuries inside that how he was still alive and moving no one knew.

Many of his injuries had been caused by trauma, so being hit by a large vehicle, and  then hit over and over. One of his ribs had snapped and punctured his lung, and was sticking out. He was also positive for all four diseases we test for, including filaria, and tick disease. The pain this dog must have been in was unthinkable, yet he never once snapped, or growled at us.

The vet thought many of his injuries were years old, and could not be fixed, his recent ones were too severe to try. Sadly there was nothing we could do, it would be like sticking a plaster on a severed artery. We made the decision to let Troll die in dignity, and not in pain, how he had survived was a miracle, but he would suffer no more. You cannot save them all, but you can help them in some way!

Monday 4 September 2017

Foul Mouthed Parrot

Parrots are an animal that I don't like, actually there are very few birds that I do like, unless they remain firmly by my feet. Birds flapping around my head, and squawking, have no appeal to me, and parrots and I have no love for each other. So, it was fantastic when I was asked to rehome a parrot, my main goal was to get it in a home that wasn't mine as fast as I possibly could.

The first challenge was to collect the parrot, thankfully it was in a cage, so I decided no eye contact, was needed. In the boot it went, but the whole time, I could feel his beedy little eyes staring at me, but I was fine, he was caged.  Suddenly, he wanted to be friends.. "Hola" came from the parrot, now I didnt want to be friends, so I decided ignoring him was the way forward.

He repeated "Hola" "Hola" "Hola" "Hola" for 10 solid minutes, so up went the stereo, and I continued to ignore him, hoping he would get the hint, well it works with my children. Suddenly, he stopped talking, thank the lord, it had worked.

How stupid was I, it had taken a breath to come back with a stream of "madre puta" and "Joder" this parrot swore more than me! So, all the way home I had to listen to loud parrot abuse. Once at home I had to settle it in, in fact I threw a blanket over the cage and left it alone.

Now under the covers it was quiet, so I decided when it was driven to its new home the next day, covered was the way forward. This plan was working perfectly, I had no parrot abuse, the sun was shining, and then the Guardia stepped out in front of the car.

No cause for concern, I had all paperwork, for me, car, and parrot, smiling sweetly at the Guardia he looked at the paperwork, and then asked to see the parrot. Oh REALLY! My heart sank, I knew what this small, feathered foul mouthed creature was capable of. The cover came off, and the Guardia smiled, as the parrot nicely said "hola" he replied with an amused "hola"

He turned, he went to walk, I threw the cover on as fast as I could, but I was too slow, the bloody parrot let rip. I had no where to run, no where to hide, as the parrot decided today was going to be his main display of current Spanish swear words, all directed at the man with the gun. In fact I should have asked him to shoot the bloody thing, but all I could think to say was " I am sooooooooo sorry"

Thankfully, he saw the funny side of things, and even called over all the other men to listen to a stream of parrot abuse. Ten minutes later, I was allowed to recover him, and continue on my way.

One parrot was safely dropped off at his new home, he remained covered whilst I was there, and I accidentally forgot to mention his wide choice of words.

Saturday 2 September 2017

Horny goat Noises

I like to get up in the morning, before anyone else, I usually can have 30 minutes of peace, before animals realize that I am awake. This includes checking emails, stalking Noseybook, and drinking coffee.... 30 minutes of indulgent silence. However, today that was broken with our Daddy goat expressing his love for the Mumma goat with some very loud horny goat noises.

Now these are a mix between BAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and BWAHWAHBWAH. Daddy goat is a determined chap, and he was adamant that Mumma goat wanted some loving, and even if she didn't he was going to tell the whole neighborhood that he did. Alongside the noise, there are flapping, bleating, yodeling sounds, which sound a little like Chewbacca.

As Daddy yodels his mating call for Mumma, who has no interest at all, his ears flap around, which is amusing for about the first 10 minutes, but after a while it is annoying.

Now he is determined as the signs were clear she was not up for loving anytime soon, as she headbutted and ran away. The only time he stopped was when food was put in front of him.

Hoping this was the end of it, but I was wrong, as he was now energized, and ready for more! So, for the time being we have to listen to the strange warbling of a horny goat.

Friday 1 September 2017

Asking For Money!

All I seem to do is ask for money, and although people must think I love it, in fact I hate asking. The problem is without the donations I cannot do what I do. Every few days at the moment I seem to be asking, but the reality is if I don't get donations there is no charity. The haters think I make millions, and that there is a huge pot of money the sad fact is I struggle every single day.

This month has been so hard, as during the summer months donations are slow, don't get me wrong the people that donate are amazing, but people have holidays and other things to spend on.  The shop is really quiet during the summer months, and the rent still has to be paid. We have had some serious cases come in, some big surgeries, and all of these find me sat in my office trying to push money from one place to another.

I am grateful for every single euro that comes in, and although you may not think it, but even 1 euro does help, as they all add up. On my main page I have 4898 followers which is amazing, imagine if every single one of them donated just 1 pound...... That would clear my vets every month, and help not to put me in an early grave with stress.

So, with Jacko just out of surgery, Destiny booked for Monday and five castrations to pay for next week, along with the feed, rent, electricity, and shop rent that is due, I am still hoping for that lotto win. Until then...... if you could donate 1 euro I would really appreciate it... Thank you :)

You can either paypal to sending as family and friends, or we get charged.

Spanish bank account:

ACC: 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
IBAN: ES43 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820

 070116   40349444