Monday, 25 September 2017

Burnt Out!

Last week was hectic, even by my standards, I was drained, and busy as ever and then the island caught fire. We were on transport when we heard that a fire was spreading towards our property, although it was in the middle of the island, the wind was pushing it, and within hours it was dangerously close to us.

The guardia begun to evacuate the villages one by one, all heading in our direction, and messages came flooding through to help us evacuate.

The problem was a) I wasnt there and b) where the hell was I supposed to put all these animals. I spoke to my husband and he agreed, he was going no where. He would flood the property if needed, and stay with the animals.

Now the island being on fire, and heading towards our home was scary enough, but not being there, made it 100 times worse. We were trying to ring emergency services to see how close it was, I was getting messages from people in panic mode... thanks for that just what I needed!

As the fire took hold, the fireman battled through the night to contain the blaze, and thank god they did. It came within 13KM of us, which was close enough thank you. The devastation it left was soul destroying, and I was thankful that we had not been chosen by mother nature to suffer that night.

On my return, I wandered my property, stepping over the ashes that were blowing in, hugged my husband and knew I needed a break. The summer months had taken a toll as they always do, and I like the fire was burnt out. So, sorry the blog has been absent for a few days, but we had a few days away, for me to sleep far too much, and recharge before the winter months.

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  1. How lucky you were!! Hopefully, the fires have stopped for this year anyway and you can carry on as you undoubtedly will!!! Well done and thank you so much for doing what you do.