Wednesday 13 September 2017

Why A Puppy?

Puppies are the biggest headache that were put on this planet. everyone wants them, and a huge majority get dumped when older. When people message asking for a puppy, I honestly ask them why.... Puppies are a nightmare, and I have no idea why people would want one.

If you are not prepared to invest the time with a puppy they are balls of mass destruction, everything will be destroyed. Shoes, clothes, food, furniture, all destroyed, by your bundle of fun. They bark for attention, they bark for food, they bark to be played with, in fact they bark a lot.

Of course there is the toilet training to consider. Anyone who has ever stepped in puppy poop barefoot, will know that experience lives with you forever. The second you put your foot down, and feel the poop in between your toes, you know that it will take hours to remove.

Yes, puppies are cute, and fluffy, and love to play and cause chaos, but seriously guys why would you want a puppy. I hear all the reasons, " oh we want a dog to grow up with our children" Well all dogs will do that. "we want a dog we can train" again all dogs will do that.

As long as people are buying or adopting puppies, breeders will continue to produce them. Many will be dumped when the family is bored, and a huge number will never be steralised, causing a huge issue. Adopting a dog is great, but consider adopting an older one, they have as much love to give, if not more.

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  1. I remember the "puppy" days...yes the poop between the toes experience is never forgotten.....along with the poop bag with a hole in it and a runny puppy poop. Our pup ate his way through our leather sofa....we paid good money to have it fixed and 24 hours later he had done it again....we didnt bother getting it fixed again....he hasn't touched it since !!