Tuesday 30 January 2018

Fear or Aggression?

When dogs are collected or brought here many show initial signs of aggression, whether it be full on attack mode, or low level growling. This is when I have to take the time to get to know the dog, and understand if the behavior is fear, or straight forward aggression. Every dog gets a chance, and many will work through the initial stages, and go on to became amazing family dogs.

Fear in dogs is so common, and they display their fear in many different ways. some signs are insignificant and others extreme. Dogs can be afraid of everything in the world, men, woman, noises, other dogs, cars, you name it some are simply terrified. Some dogs that come here you cannot even get near for a while, they either run away, or hide in the corner peeing themselves.

All dogs react in four clear ways:

FLIGHT- this is where they want to escape, they run, and run, trying to find an exit point, and will go through you to escape. The dog wants to get as far way from you, and the situation regardless of how that happens.

FREEZING- Many dogs will freeze on the spot, refusing to move, and hoping that you go away. No matter what you do they become a solid object.

FIDGETING- Some dogs fidget, they sniff, lick, play with toys, then move on to something else, then back to the first thing.

FIGHT- This is the hardest one to deal with when the dog comes at you, teeth showing, growling or barking. Most of the time the dog is simply scared, and warning you to get out of the way with no intention of actually attacking. However, there is the odd dog that will bite, and will attack no matter what, which sadly never ends well.

When you drop your dog off to the pound they will be terrified, and after a few days in the busiest, noisiest place they have ever experienced they will be on edge. This is when we step in and will often get bitten, or peed on due to the fear these dogs are experiencing. Sadly some are terrified to the point they want to kill the people who are actually trying to help.

The dog in the video was collected from the pound on Sunday. She is tiny, yet took three of us to get her in the car without being bitten. It then took another 35 minutes to get her out, all the time she was trying to kill us. She is so scared, and all I hope is that she realizes that I am here to help. Time will tell....

Monday 29 January 2018

Pound Pulling!

I was called a pound puller the other day, not in a well done, pat on the back way, more of a "is that all you do" sort of way. As I had not been called this bizarre name before, it made me stop and question why this is seen as a bad thing. Do I pull dogs from pounds, yep, but surely that is a good thing. 

Well, it seems not, as another "rescuer" spat the name at me in a shitty post, stating that was all I did, and maybe I should "rescue" The way I see it is if I am pulling dogs from a place they could potentially get killed or from starving on the streets I am rescuing them. Different situations, different reasons, however, same common ground. 

The pounds are full as ever, and this week alone we have had 15 dogs come in, another three due today, and one on Tuesday. Just under 20 dogs in one week, that is madness even by my standards. but hey they are safe, and will be going to new amazing homes at some point. Will I go grey, will I be broke, hell yes, but that is what rescue is all about. 

So, for the guy that made it sound bad that I "pound pull" go and concentrate on your own rescue, and leave me to run mine. As I am proud that I walk those cages and pull dogs to safety, and know that we are making a difference to so many lives. 

Sunday 28 January 2018

Brings Out The Best In You!

You would think that people who rescue animals are kind, and caring, and loving, well hell no some are horrible, two faced, lying individuals that will stop at nothing to cause a drama. This week I have been under attack again, and before you all go "oh god what did I do this time" I wrote a status on FB, on my own FB, my private FB and it was copied and sent out to the world by someone who I thought was one of us.

Now I have always been a believer in saying what I mean, and feel, as everyone in the world is entitled to their own opinions. Therefore, when I write or say something, you are of course entitled to disagree, and if you don't want to read it then please delete me, but don't cause a shit storm, just for the sake of it. 
Basically I congratulated Karma on doing her job, as someone who wronged me, and many dogs died. I was not going to lie and go "oh how sad" because in my opinion it wasn't. This woman in my opinion was not an "amazing" person or rescuer, she was a lying con woman, who had done so much damage, but as always her followers saw this differently. 

Now, I didn't go onto her page, her group, or near her friends I wrote it on MY FB and then it was shared... good old FB. I know who did it, and although I had been told she was a massive shit stirrer, I honestly thought she was better than the gossip. Hey wrong again, so deleted she is now. This is the side of rescue that drives me insane, the bitchiness, the back stabbing and the drama. 

So, for days I have received delightful comments, and messages claiming I am vile, scum of the earth, going to hell etc etc YAWN. All because I dared not to follow the sheep, and lie, and be two faced. Well my answer is am I going to hell probably, but I will continue to run my rescue successfully, save lives, and make a difference whilst you all sit on your arses, typing crap about me. 

Friday 26 January 2018

Not the Happy Face!

I received a call the other day from a lady wanting to give me some chickens, after a few messages I had a location, and off we went. Now Spanish directions are never good, and I spend more time shouting at the sat nav and the co pilot in the car then focusing on where we are going. It came about that her "finca" was miles away from where she claimed, and then it begun to rain.

Rain never improves my mood, as I am very similar to the witch in the wizard of Oz and tend to melt in the rain, Finally we reached our destination, and off we went, on what would be a five minute walk in the rain, down a muddy slope, onto the edge of  a mountain.

I stood there staring at a huge pile of rubbish, and asked where her finca was, she stated I was stood on it. Errrr nope love I was stood on a pile of rubbish, on the side of a mountain, in the rain.

She turned and pointed inside, and said that was where the chickens were, she was seriously having a laugh. Although I thought she was joking, she proudly told us that her dad lived in the cave next door.

I now had my "I am not impressed face" as it was chucking it down, and there was no roof, or walls in fact. All I had was a soggy cardboard box, and some terrified chickens to catch. After an hour of filth, stench and soaking conditions, we had managed to catch 14 chickens, and I admitted defeat.

It never ceases to amaze me that people think this is normal for animals to live in, or that they will also live in conditions that shock any average person. I am always being told that "the Canarians live differently" but this was beyond that. Come on I live in a goat shed, but it is clean, and does protect us from the elements, well most of the time. So, as we left all I could hope is that the old guy doesn't die in his cave, and be satisfied that we had changed the lives of these chickens.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

All A Scam

Over the years I have been accused of many things, some hurtful, some hilarious, however, yesterday I was accused of being a scam artist. The Bull Terrier with the leg injuries has caused a huge worldwide stir, and has been shared thousands of times. Great for the page, not so great for my sanity.

Every time someone comments I am notified, therefore, my phone has not been out of my hand much, and thousands of people have commented. Many have donated (thank you!) but, as always there are a huge number of pointless comments. Yesterday a woman accused me of not even having the dog, of stealing the leg photo and publishing just for money.

REALLY!! that has got to be the most stupid thing that has ever been said, surely if she had taken the time to look through the page she would have seen the updates, the photos, and actually seen what I do. Nope, it was far easier to write this pile of shit on my page, and rather than deleting it, I wanted other people to see the crap I have to put up with.

Why don't people take the time to read everything, look around the page, see what we do, rather than skipping over vital things, and asking me the same thing over and over. Where am I? How is the dog? What happened? all of this is on the page somewhere, sorry if you have to spend time looking, and sorry I cannot stop feeding animals to give you the information.

Of course this then makes me rude, and unprofessional and un caring, and to be honest, I really don't care. I want people to follow what we do because they understand, because they are interested, and because they will share, and take the time to enter our crazy world even if it is only through FB world. Donating is of course important to us, but having support is also HUGE.

****  here is the dog I don't have, recovering well, and getting about on three legs!.....

Monday 22 January 2018

Blackmarket Blood

Some of our dogs over the years have needed blood transfusions, and we have always been lucky enough to have other dogs that can donate the blood. To me this is the norm, and I have even seen other people appealing for doners. However, the other day I was shocked to learn that there are vets that sell bags of blood.

So, it is not traumatic enough that your dog is injured, but you have to hand over more money to a vet to give you the one thing that could save the dog. Blood is free, it comes from another animal, therefore, I think it is disgusting that a vet charges. Don't get me wrong I understand that the equipment needed for the transfusion needs to be paid for, but the actual blood wtf.

The vet charged a lady 100€ for the bag of blood, which she needed in a desperate situation, and he had one to hand. This made me think where does he get the blood from? Does he wait for dogs to come in for surgery, and then steal their blood. Which means that surely the owner of the dog should receive the money for the blood from their dog.

There are way too many things that do not seem right with this scenario, and needless to say it is a vet that I cannot stand, so I will be digging further. Also, I was thinking of suggesting to my vet if I provide the blood, and he sells it, we could make some extra money and get that vets bill down. Well it seems there is a market for black market bags of blood, so why not cash in.

Saturday 20 January 2018

Give Me A Break!

I'm a strong woman, and can deal with a hell of a lot of things being thrown at me all at once, but REALLY come on god give me a break. This week has been hard, mentally draining, physically difficult, and financially a struggle.  We have had quick succession of abuse cases, and both the money pot and energy pot are empty.

I actually cried this week, and it wasn't dust in my eyes, I cried out of frustration, anger, and despair. I cried because there is only so much I can do, and I feel this week humans have let everyone down. The latest two dogs to come in have been starved, nothing medically wrong, just someone who was supposed to be caring for them, choose to not feed them.

I cannot go into details as yet as there is an on going court case, but you know it is serious when the police get you out of bed, to drive to the middle of no where to collect dogs. If that wasn't bad enough, you then have to go the next day to collect two more from the same case that are likely to die.

Although they are critical, and there is a huge possibility that they may die, I could not leave them where they were. The only way I can do this, is knowing that I give 100^ and regardless of the outcome, that I tried.

The problem is we need funds, we need food, I am not going to sugarcoat it, we are in deep, and need help with these things. I am appealing to everyone, and hoping that all the people that read this, follow my page and know what we do, stick their hands in their pockets and help, even 1 euro would help. 

- Paypal: petpalsgc@gmail.com
please send to family and friends, or we get charged 
- Spanish Bank Acc: LA CAIXA
ACC: 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
IBAN: ES43 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
- UK bank account: MRS L BAKER NATIONWIDE 070116 40349444
You can also have one of our collection tins in your workplace

Thursday 18 January 2018

You Do What You Have Too

Every day is a long day, however, yesterday was an even longer day as my car broke, which always makes our life then spiral into madness. The bull terrier with the bad injuries had to go to the vets for surgery in the morning, so off I went to drop her, and just as I pulled into the town where the vets was the clutch went on my car, bang on the main roundabout.

After blocking the traffic, swearing a lot, a lovely Spanish man and I got the car off the roundabout, and onto the side of the road. A few frantic calls later, I knew I had to get the dog to the vets, and that no taxi on the planet would take her. So, I did what any insane person would do, I picked her up, and carried her the 20 minute walk to the vets.

As I made that walk, with  a very heavy dog, her mangled foot bleeding down my leg, not one person stopped to ask if I was OK, or where I was going. How sad that we now live in a world, where no one can be bothered to stop and offer help. Pure determination got to me to the vets, as the dog got heavier and heavier, as we walked.

Exhausted, I arrived at the vets dropped her off, and then walked back to the car, ready to call a grua to get her taken to the garage. Car dropped off, I then had to go and hire a vehicle which would fit the cages for the car as there was a full day of collecting dogs ahead.

So, off to the van hire place, then back to the garage to fit the cages, then off to the airport to collect a dog that was arriving from Tenerife. Dog dropped to mine, Las Palmas was the next destination to collect another dog that was being handed in.  Then back to mine to collect two other dogs for the vets. 

Off to the vets, usual stuff done, and then they announce that the bull terrier needs a blood transfusion, thankfully with three healthy big dogs stood there we had volunteers. Long drive home, picked up a stray on the way home, then many animals to sort, dinner to cook, paperwork to sort, messages to answer..... 

Fall into bed, exhausted, stressed, and ready to repeat again the next day.... welcome to animal rescue. 

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Don't Get Angry Get Active

Animal abuse always brings out a huge number of emotions, and for many people their way of dealing with what is happening is to get angry. A dog came in last night in an awful state, I mean really bad injuries, years of abuse, and the page lit up with line after line of:

"hang the person that did this"
"break their legs"
"kill the scum"
" leave me alone with the person and I will sort them out"

it went on and on...... now I get that people are angry, however, what does that achieve? You are mainly in the UK reading a FB page, writing threats are not actually going to do anything. What you all could do is donate, share, volunteer. Turn the negative anger into positive thoughts, and actions. There were over 300 comments on this one dog, if everyone had donated just 1 pound, the vets bill would not be such a worry.

The dog in question has had years and years of abuse and neglect, she would have suffered over and over, yet she still loved humans, she wagged her tail for hours as looked at me, asking for help. Maybe we all could learn something from her, don't get angry get active.... Do something that will help this dog, and others.

Her injuries are horrific, and she is booked for surgery today, with a long road ahead what she needs you to do is support her financially, help to buy her the best food possible... and ensure that she can learn to live a happy life. 

To Donate to us it is simple... and remember EVERY cent helps!
- Teaming: www.teaming.net/petpalsgc
- Paypal: petpalsgc@gmail.com
please send to family and friends, or we get charged 
- Spanish Bank Acc: LA CAIXA
ACC: 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
IBAN: ES43 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
- UK bank account: MRS L BAKER NATIONWIDE 070116 40349444

Monday 15 January 2018

One Missing!

Transport days as you all know are stressful, very stressful,  everyone around me knows to nod and smile, and simply do as they are told. There is no point in getting involved, or arguing with me, even if you think you are right, as you are never right.

The first transport after Christmas is always more stressful due to the sheer numbers of dogs going, added with a few problem dogs, some stupid rescue groups, and one very small child to now add to the mix, the last transport was off the scale stress.

I have a system, I have always done it, and it works, as we load the dogs to go, I count them in the boxes, then re count, and count again. Every dog, box and paperwork matches my detailed plan which I do days before. Yeah yeah I am OCD, but I wear that tshirt proudly. It was all going so well, we had all the dogs, two girls, and a baby.... off we went.

Everything was going well, no one had shit in the boxes, no one was barking we were calm, we were quiet, until I stepped out of the lift. Suddenly it hit me like a wrecking ball..... I stopped.... stood very still... turned to everyone and said " I forgot a dog" FUCK I forgot Angel. Like in the movies, where slow motion kicks in for effect, heads turned, and stared at me.......... All I kept saying was "FUCK I forgot angel".

In my small defense I did say to scabby when you have finished feeding the baby you need to catch Angel, but then we both forgot. So, we are stood in the airport, doing the calculations on how to get home, get dog, and back again before the plane leaves. Suddenly the board showed delayed and there was my window.

We sent hubby home as he drives like a nutcase when there isn't an emergency, the downside to this is making sure he got the right dog. As he ran out of the airport, you could hear us repeating the same thing over and over.... "red collar, three feet" Please god let him get the right dog. The wait was long, but we are not that far from the airport.

Just as we begun to go through security with the dogs, he appeared, and he had the right dog. My fail safe counting had failed, so now I will have to check, check again, and again, and again, however, I am only human, and I did remember 19 other dogs, a massive pile of paperwork, airplane snacks for the girls, 2 humans and a baby....

Sunday 14 January 2018

Rescue For Sale!


Make me an offer..... before you do let me tell you all the really good bits...

  • There is no extra money laying around, the bank account, and Paypal are both empty so that pesky vets bill need paying soon. This means though you won't be burdened with lots of money sitting in bank accounts, whew you can start from zero, no worrying how to spend the millions everyone thinks we have.
  • You won't have to worry about finding animals, as we currently have many... two are filaria positive going through treatment, so that needs funding. Three need getting ready for adoption, so that money needs to be found, two bite and have issues, and four you can only go near with gloves. There are six big dogs that have been overlooked over and over, but hey who doesn't love a challenge! Of course these dogs are "special" but that only makes the rescue more valuable... no?
  • We will give you the list of people who are rude and shitty to me on a daily basis, and the ones that want your attention, every minute of every day. Also you will be given the long list of emails, and messages to answer, the applications to process, the home checks to arrange. Who loves free time anyway? Your family will get used to you never being around, and when you are the phone, laptop, and PC are all glued to you day and night answering the next emergency.
  • I'm sure if you buy the rescue you will be fine, you will get the perfect dogs, with no issues, that everyone wants, and will never return. I get that we were wrong for taking all the dogs no one else would. We should have concentrated on the fluffies that every rescue want, but Im sure you will make all the right decisions, and never make a mistake. 
  • Remember that you will never have a dull moment ever again, your life will be non stop excitement, with many adventures. There will be the people who simply like to shake it all up, because no one likes to be drama free for too long. Of course social media has given the trolls another platform to attack and abuse, but hey you have broad shoulders and can take it... no?
  • Most importantly, you will never have to make plans ever again, as when you do it all goes wrong, so better not to bother. Your life will be one long journey of vets, pounds, transports, feeding and cleaning. 
  • As a one off bonus, I am throwing in a whole society that love to moan, critacise, and belittle everything you will do. They will never offer help in any way, and love telling people how you do nothing for huge amounts of money. The "elite" rescue club is also available where a huge majority of other organisations and rescue people will stab you in the back, and try to tear you apart.... sounds fun doesn't it?
  • And the best part... the real deal breaker...... is that you will NEVER get paid for doing any of this, it is all voluntary, which means you will have to work as well. Who wants to be burdened with covering expenses anyway, it is so much more fun working a "real" job to cover everything. 

So....... join an orderly queue... who is in?

Saturday 13 January 2018

Turf War!

Every municipal here has a perrera (pound) which all filter into our main kill pound on the island. The goal for every one of these pounds is to keep the numbers down, so the need to filter, is not necessary. So, people like me are invited into the pounds to get dogs out, there are also some that have volunteers who help in the pounds, and they try and find homes.

One pound in a tourist resort has many volunteers that go and walk the dogs, and I recently found out they had a FB page, so I thought I would offer to help. I posted and asked if they could post the photos of dogs that were there, and if possible I would get them out for rehoming, Now to me this is a good thing, but no as always it turned into a circus.

We had people writing utter bollox about that I was lying and there were not pounds everywhere, that dogs had red dots on their foreheads when it was their time to die, and the the good old classic post went up. "Louise makes money from dogs she is a bad person" or words to that effect and as usual I was deleted, before I could respond.

After digging around I discovered that the idiot that wrote the post volunteers for an association that doesn't like me well there is a shock. The woman who runs this place gets dogs from pounds like I do, however, she sends them to kennels and other associations in Holland. She doesn't actually rehome them, some people dont see this as an issue I see this as "why bother"

So, it comes about that this lovely lady goes to this pound and gets out all the small, cute, fluffy, easy to get rid of dogs, and felt threatened that I was on her turf. Get over yourself love, I would have helped the big, black, ugly ones no one else wants. But hey if the volunteers are so stupid to think my removing me from their page they can stop me then they truly are dumb.

As always I will simply go to the organ grinder, and bypass the monkeys, as they truly are idiots being a part of the problem, rather than the solution. Why can people not see if we all worked together, more animals would be saved.

Thursday 11 January 2018

Stuck In Your Head

The huge number of dogs looking for homes and to be saved on FB is incredible, and there are days when you have to simply scroll past. If you stop and read every sob story it becomes absorbing, as you cannot save them all. I have a friend in tenerife who works with the non kill pound, and she like many will often ask me to help.

Now being a non kill pound, you would think it would be better, in fact I think it is worse. Dogs go there to simply sit, and rot, as they soon become forgotten. The place is soul destroying, and many of the dogs have simply give up. Mrs Mc posts photos and stories of many of the long term dogs, and I will look, and move on. However, a few days ago, I stopped I read, I scrolled past, and I went back.

As soon as I go back, then I am hooked, like a fish on a line, she had me, and as always she wasn't letting go. The photo that stopped me was of an old pointer, his eyes told a million stories, and many of them were not good. I didn't even read the full write up... god she waffles more than me! However, the fact this dog was 16 had been in that hell hole for 5 years, and was not being attacked was enough.

I knew I was going to help, but had to have somewhere for him to go, this is where my amazing UK team step in. One quick message to Mrs T and all was confirmed. She had agreed to foster this old guy, so off I went to call Mrs Mc and tell her the good news. So, one old pointer reserved, and then suddenly it hit me, NO FUNDS.

January is an awful month, low donations, and we struggle more than ever, so out comes the begging bowl. To get him from another island, prepped and over to the UK is approx 600€ which I simply don't have....

Can you help? My appeal is doing well, but we still need more to get this guy safe, and on a comfy sofa in the UK.

To Donate:

Paypal: petpalsgc@gmail.com       please send to family and friends or we receive the charges

ACC: 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
IBAN: ES43 2100 6003 0002 0013 1820
UK bank account: MRS L BAKER NATIONWIDE 070116 40349444

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Different Types of Rescuer.....

Over the years I have learnt that there are several different types of rescuers in the world, some are great and others are REALLY bad. There are a huge number of hard working caring rescuers that do it for all the right reasons, and then there are the others. These others fall into several categories, which include:

COLLECTORS: these are the people that do a lot of talking about how amazing they are, and rescue everything. They have huge numbers, but do not steralise, or rehome, they simply are making the problem worse. They never put sick animals down, and allow them to suffer because "they love all animals"

BLEEDING HEARTS: these are the people that feel sorry for everything, and don't make the right decisions. They often keep animals alive for the wrong reasons and believe the world should be 100% no kill. Sadly euthanasia is a necessary part of all rescue, and if you cannot make that decision them you should stay out of rescue. There are many situations where the kindest thing to do is put the animal to sleep, does it get any easier, hell no, but it is necessary.

IDIOTS: Yes there is a category that is simple idiots, as there are many in animal rescue. These are the people that are uninformed and stupid, or worse both. They may have good intentions, however, they go through life spouting and preaching, not actually achieving anything.

LIARS: another clear category and these are the people that lie over and over to get people to donate or adopt. People need to know the truth about the dog they are adopting, lying to potential adopters is simply stupid, and can result in serious issues.

MONEY MAKERS: more and more there are people that are using animals to get money, many will take a sad photo and write a huge load of BS and people donate. Social media, sad stories, and horrible photos are a combination to be conned sadly. These are the ones that use the food donated for their own dogs, and the money raised to fund lifestyles.

ONE DOG RESCUER: these people are bizarre, and want all the glory but with no effort, they take one dog to rehome, and for the next few years keep the dog, claiming they can take no more, and are "actively searching" for a home. They still get donations, and publicize their "rescue"

So, all there are many bad ones, there are some good rescues out there, you need to remember:

  • know your limits
  • say no
  • have the space, funds and time to rescue
  • have patience 
  • a clear goal of why you are rescuing

Monday 8 January 2018

Whats One More!

People often say to me, "oh you must fall in love with them all?" No is the simple answer to that, of course every dog that we save is special, but many come and go without any tug on the heart from me. However, once in a while I stop, and look and think well you are staying aren't you. The only similarity is that they are often old.

My soft spot is oldies, it really pisses me off when I see old dogs dropped off to the pound without a care in the world. Add a shepherd into that mix, and well it is a recipe for disaster. So, when I picked up this old guy it really was only a matter of time before he was in the house.

Don't get me wrong he did go to the kennels... for one night, by morning he had escaped, and sat next to my car refusing to move. So, he was introduced to my pack, and all went well. He fitted in like he had always been here.

Oh well whats one more? well it means more food, more vets, and less space on the sofa, but hey who needs to sit down anyway.

Saturday 6 January 2018

Christmas Puppies

I can never get my head around the fact that today we still see a huge number of idiots rushing out and buying puppies for Christmas. The internet has made it far easier for this stupid people to purchase their "gift" But, what makes them think that a puppy is a good idea, do they not read papers, or watch the TV regarding the huge numbers of abandoned dogs very year.

For over 40 years the slogan "A dog is for life not just for Christmas" and yet people still get bored, and dump their puppies soon after Christmas. Rescues actually find that the key time for a spike in hand in's is actually March, when their bundle of fluff has grown, pissed everywhere, and chewed everything in the house.

Surely people are not that stupid to think that the puppy the bought over the internet will be perfect, and everything they ever wanted. Many people do not even want a puppy for Christmas, yet idiot partners go out and purchase the cute pup for them. It is always charities, and rescues that are left picking up the pieces, and dealing with the unwanted gifts.

I actually dont think the advertising campaigns, or the slogans make any difference what so ever. The people who buy puppies for Christmas are stupid, and there is no solving stupid. Thankfully more rescues like myself are banning adoptions of pups over the Christmas period, and people are shocked when they call up and we say NO.

So, all we can hope for is that the numbers of dumped puppies are less, and that slowly future generations are more intelligent than previous ones. There is no quick fix to this problem, therefore, let the dumping commence.

Thursday 4 January 2018

Where Does The Water Go?

Every day we fill the duck pond, and every day the water vanishes, not completely, but enough to notice, and no we do not have a leak! I appreciate that an amount will evaporate due to the sun, however, I am convinced the ducks drink it, which is a mighty task.

Maybe they think they have to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day, if so they are doing well. I have actually worked out that if I was to drink the same amount proportionally as the ducks, I would need to drink 150 gallons a day. This would probably cause me to explode, or at least never be off the toilet. Therefore, they obviously cannot be drinking all the water, so this brings me back to the question, where does the water go.

Ducks care about three core things in life..... each other... food and water, they adore water, and spend a huge amount of time making as much mess as possible in the pond. A large amount of water does leave the pond as they do their high speed aerobics up and down the pond, then there is the wing flapping high speed water exits that are performed.

We have a lot of ducks, therefore, as they splash and dive, and spin and flap they manage to ensure that the freshly added water leaves in a huge tidal wave. Added with drinking their own body weight in stinking duck water, I can safely say I know where the water is going....... all over the bloody floor!

Wednesday 3 January 2018

The Almighty Abortion Debate

I have fallen out with many people over daring to state that you can put a dog or cat through an abortion, and that I feel it is the right decision to make. Am I going to hell probably, however, I am going there knowing I helped to decrease the over whelming number of unwanted animals.

I hold my head in my hands when I see idiot rescues all over FB proudly announcing the birth of puppies from one of their dogs. Well done, we need more puppies in the world, and you are now going to be asking for more donations to support your new bundles of fun. Of course the puppies will be rehomed quickly, with no assurance that they will be steralised, therefore, causing a larger issue.

Abortion is an ethical debate, and many people believe that the dog or cat should be allowed to give birth, and then everyone will live happily ever after. Sadly many dogs die during labor, as there is no guarantee what is inside. The small cute 5kg bitch may have been impregnated by a large 25kg pitbull. It happens a lot, which means mum and pups are likely to die, surely it is better to abort, stop more puppies and save one dog?

So many people disagree though and as always this is a topic that could go on and on, and for many average people they could not make the decision. However, as rescues we are there to help with the bigger picture, to try and help with over population, sadly though there are far too many rescues that simply see the money, and cute newborn pups always get the donations flowing!

Monday 1 January 2018

Hellllooooo 2018!

As we welcome a new year, I like to consider that it is the first blank page of a 365 page book. I always want to ensure that our book is full of happy tales, and that we keep growing our reader base, and gain new friends along the way. I would love to say that all negative things are left behind, however, this is not true... but moving into 2018 I can say:

If you wronged me, I will never get over it, however,  have moved on! 
If we aren't speaking, that's fine...I'm not wasting anymore time on people that cannot be bothered.
If you’re talking and posting about me, great means I am important enough be on your mind
If you don’t want to deal with me, brilliant, continue not to
If you don’t like me, that is your choice, and I really don't care

Life is too short for all the drama, and backbiting, and I know we do a great job, therefore, I am confident and comfortable with my choices. In 2017 we achieved so much, don't get me wrong, there were many low points, but also some incredible highs. 

In 2017:

We rehomed 435 dogs, which is fantastic, everyone that has adopted, shared, and donated has helped these lucky dogs. The UK team has grown in strength and confidence. Without these guys giving up their homes and lives to foster the dogs, we could not achieve as much as we do. We took on some of our most challenging cases, which brought happiness, but also tears, as we said goodbye to some of the older dogs. 

We took out the trash several times, binning "wannabe rescues" and making sure we work with good ones. We also did the same with people, as negative people, are draining, and have sad pathetic lives. We now have positive people who we work with, and want the same goal which is working together to see more dogs rehomed. 

So, Adios 2017... and hola 2018...... lets see what you have to offer!