Sunday 28 January 2018

Brings Out The Best In You!

You would think that people who rescue animals are kind, and caring, and loving, well hell no some are horrible, two faced, lying individuals that will stop at nothing to cause a drama. This week I have been under attack again, and before you all go "oh god what did I do this time" I wrote a status on FB, on my own FB, my private FB and it was copied and sent out to the world by someone who I thought was one of us.

Now I have always been a believer in saying what I mean, and feel, as everyone in the world is entitled to their own opinions. Therefore, when I write or say something, you are of course entitled to disagree, and if you don't want to read it then please delete me, but don't cause a shit storm, just for the sake of it. 
Basically I congratulated Karma on doing her job, as someone who wronged me, and many dogs died. I was not going to lie and go "oh how sad" because in my opinion it wasn't. This woman in my opinion was not an "amazing" person or rescuer, she was a lying con woman, who had done so much damage, but as always her followers saw this differently. 

Now, I didn't go onto her page, her group, or near her friends I wrote it on MY FB and then it was shared... good old FB. I know who did it, and although I had been told she was a massive shit stirrer, I honestly thought she was better than the gossip. Hey wrong again, so deleted she is now. This is the side of rescue that drives me insane, the bitchiness, the back stabbing and the drama. 

So, for days I have received delightful comments, and messages claiming I am vile, scum of the earth, going to hell etc etc YAWN. All because I dared not to follow the sheep, and lie, and be two faced. Well my answer is am I going to hell probably, but I will continue to run my rescue successfully, save lives, and make a difference whilst you all sit on your arses, typing crap about me. 

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