Monday 15 January 2018

One Missing!

Transport days as you all know are stressful, very stressful,  everyone around me knows to nod and smile, and simply do as they are told. There is no point in getting involved, or arguing with me, even if you think you are right, as you are never right.

The first transport after Christmas is always more stressful due to the sheer numbers of dogs going, added with a few problem dogs, some stupid rescue groups, and one very small child to now add to the mix, the last transport was off the scale stress.

I have a system, I have always done it, and it works, as we load the dogs to go, I count them in the boxes, then re count, and count again. Every dog, box and paperwork matches my detailed plan which I do days before. Yeah yeah I am OCD, but I wear that tshirt proudly. It was all going so well, we had all the dogs, two girls, and a baby.... off we went.

Everything was going well, no one had shit in the boxes, no one was barking we were calm, we were quiet, until I stepped out of the lift. Suddenly it hit me like a wrecking ball..... I stopped.... stood very still... turned to everyone and said " I forgot a dog" FUCK I forgot Angel. Like in the movies, where slow motion kicks in for effect, heads turned, and stared at me.......... All I kept saying was "FUCK I forgot angel".

In my small defense I did say to scabby when you have finished feeding the baby you need to catch Angel, but then we both forgot. So, we are stood in the airport, doing the calculations on how to get home, get dog, and back again before the plane leaves. Suddenly the board showed delayed and there was my window.

We sent hubby home as he drives like a nutcase when there isn't an emergency, the downside to this is making sure he got the right dog. As he ran out of the airport, you could hear us repeating the same thing over and over.... "red collar, three feet" Please god let him get the right dog. The wait was long, but we are not that far from the airport.

Just as we begun to go through security with the dogs, he appeared, and he had the right dog. My fail safe counting had failed, so now I will have to check, check again, and again, and again, however, I am only human, and I did remember 19 other dogs, a massive pile of paperwork, airplane snacks for the girls, 2 humans and a baby....

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