Thursday 4 January 2018

Where Does The Water Go?

Every day we fill the duck pond, and every day the water vanishes, not completely, but enough to notice, and no we do not have a leak! I appreciate that an amount will evaporate due to the sun, however, I am convinced the ducks drink it, which is a mighty task.

Maybe they think they have to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day, if so they are doing well. I have actually worked out that if I was to drink the same amount proportionally as the ducks, I would need to drink 150 gallons a day. This would probably cause me to explode, or at least never be off the toilet. Therefore, they obviously cannot be drinking all the water, so this brings me back to the question, where does the water go.

Ducks care about three core things in life..... each other... food and water, they adore water, and spend a huge amount of time making as much mess as possible in the pond. A large amount of water does leave the pond as they do their high speed aerobics up and down the pond, then there is the wing flapping high speed water exits that are performed.

We have a lot of ducks, therefore, as they splash and dive, and spin and flap they manage to ensure that the freshly added water leaves in a huge tidal wave. Added with drinking their own body weight in stinking duck water, I can safely say I know where the water is going....... all over the bloody floor!

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