Thursday, 18 January 2018

You Do What You Have Too

Every day is a long day, however, yesterday was an even longer day as my car broke, which always makes our life then spiral into madness. The bull terrier with the bad injuries had to go to the vets for surgery in the morning, so off I went to drop her, and just as I pulled into the town where the vets was the clutch went on my car, bang on the main roundabout.

After blocking the traffic, swearing a lot, a lovely Spanish man and I got the car off the roundabout, and onto the side of the road. A few frantic calls later, I knew I had to get the dog to the vets, and that no taxi on the planet would take her. So, I did what any insane person would do, I picked her up, and carried her the 20 minute walk to the vets.

As I made that walk, with  a very heavy dog, her mangled foot bleeding down my leg, not one person stopped to ask if I was OK, or where I was going. How sad that we now live in a world, where no one can be bothered to stop and offer help. Pure determination got to me to the vets, as the dog got heavier and heavier, as we walked.

Exhausted, I arrived at the vets dropped her off, and then walked back to the car, ready to call a grua to get her taken to the garage. Car dropped off, I then had to go and hire a vehicle which would fit the cages for the car as there was a full day of collecting dogs ahead.

So, off to the van hire place, then back to the garage to fit the cages, then off to the airport to collect a dog that was arriving from Tenerife. Dog dropped to mine, Las Palmas was the next destination to collect another dog that was being handed in.  Then back to mine to collect two other dogs for the vets. 

Off to the vets, usual stuff done, and then they announce that the bull terrier needs a blood transfusion, thankfully with three healthy big dogs stood there we had volunteers. Long drive home, picked up a stray on the way home, then many animals to sort, dinner to cook, paperwork to sort, messages to answer..... 

Fall into bed, exhausted, stressed, and ready to repeat again the next day.... welcome to animal rescue. 

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