Wednesday 24 January 2018

All A Scam

Over the years I have been accused of many things, some hurtful, some hilarious, however, yesterday I was accused of being a scam artist. The Bull Terrier with the leg injuries has caused a huge worldwide stir, and has been shared thousands of times. Great for the page, not so great for my sanity.

Every time someone comments I am notified, therefore, my phone has not been out of my hand much, and thousands of people have commented. Many have donated (thank you!) but, as always there are a huge number of pointless comments. Yesterday a woman accused me of not even having the dog, of stealing the leg photo and publishing just for money.

REALLY!! that has got to be the most stupid thing that has ever been said, surely if she had taken the time to look through the page she would have seen the updates, the photos, and actually seen what I do. Nope, it was far easier to write this pile of shit on my page, and rather than deleting it, I wanted other people to see the crap I have to put up with.

Why don't people take the time to read everything, look around the page, see what we do, rather than skipping over vital things, and asking me the same thing over and over. Where am I? How is the dog? What happened? all of this is on the page somewhere, sorry if you have to spend time looking, and sorry I cannot stop feeding animals to give you the information.

Of course this then makes me rude, and unprofessional and un caring, and to be honest, I really don't care. I want people to follow what we do because they understand, because they are interested, and because they will share, and take the time to enter our crazy world even if it is only through FB world. Donating is of course important to us, but having support is also HUGE.

****  here is the dog I don't have, recovering well, and getting about on three legs!.....

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