Thursday, 27 September 2018

I'm Really Angry!

I am really pissed off this morning, and it is not even 07.00am yet, don't worry the guest is fine, alive and not wanting to jump on the next plane yet. I just logged on to my page to see some idiot has written the most stupid of comments, which normally I would ignore, however, lack of sleep and a few hell days has made me more sensitive than normal.

I have had three really bad cases come in this week, all of which are going to take time, effort and of course money to help. So, I did an appeal as I always do with photos of the dogs...
Monroe a FBD who has been used, abused, and dumped, various health issues which all need sorting ....

Murtle a beautiful baby pod who has one of the worse cases of scabies I have seen, infection after infection , open sores, and basically WTF

and Jabba...w ell we are all at a loss as to what the fuck is wrong with him.... and yes I swore but its been one of those 48 hours.....
People have been donating which is incredible...... thanks guys.... and then some idiot woman wrote....

Its a scam....WT actual F... which bit is the scam? can she honestly be saying the dogs don't exist, or I made them up, or what? I have called this woman out as I want her to explain her comment, as you dont come onto my page writing shit, when I am tired and pissed off.

So, we will wait and see what this woman has to say for herself...

Rant over... and thanks again for the donations.... feel free to keep donating, these three are going to break me... 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Today is the Day!

Today is going to be a strange day, in fact some would say huge, others would simply say OMG. You may be wondering what is so monumental that I am blogging about it, well I have a visitor. It is not even a visitor I can get rid of in a few hours, I have her staying here for six days!

Lets all go back in time, when I threw a flippant comment out there and said to my UK team, "if any of you ever fancy seeing what I do, I have a spare room" It was one of those throw away comments, I thought no more about it, and then one day I was asked if I was being serious. Of course, I replied with a cheery "yep (smiley face)

A few more conversations were had, then flights were booked, appeals went out for donations to be sent to her, and reality hit me like a thunder bolt. Now, don't get me wrong this lady is lovely, adopted two of my dogs, is a huge part of my team... but this is me... the person who hates humans, lives up a mountain in a goat shed, and well putting it bluntly my life isn't normal.

My closest friends keep asking me "how the hell did this happen" followed with laughing and the statements of "wtf" and "you are going to kill her" The thing I do love about my guest is that she has stated all the way along, this is a working holiday, she wants to mirror my life.

I do not see the point in people claiming they want to see what I do, but can they pop off to the beach for a couple of hours, or sit in a bar.  Those things rarely happen, and the way this week is looking very unlikely. So, wish her luck, as she will need it.... living with me is not easy, being around me 24/7 is even tougher.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Something Has to Change!

I have been away for a few days, no where exciting, more to recharge my batteries, and also to reflect and make some decisions. This summer has been tougher than usual, I do not know if it is the relentless heat, or the fact I am getting older. The constant struggle to raise enough funds is draining, and to be honest a struggle that I am not sure I want to continue doing.

This isn't a woe is me whinging blog, it is reality, and if people have suggestions how to change things then please get in touch. I have run out of steam, I am fed up of begging for something so simple as 1 euro a month and getting hardly nothing back.

I have over 7500 people follow my page, now I understand that some are hard core supporters, some simply like to follow the dogs, some are purely nosey, and others may have even clicked like not knowing what the hell they were doing. However, surely out of 7500 people at least half can donate 1 euro a month!

If that amount donated such a small amount, I could pay the vet, and breathe, as I am sick and tired of begging for money for vets bills, and getting hardly any support. The harsh reality is in 8 days I loose the credit at the vets as I cannot pay him the amount he wants to keep it open.

Without the credit at the vet I cannot take the emergencies, and the dogs that need the help the most. So, the reality is I will stop doing what I do, as I cannot keep paying out of my own money (yes I work as well) So many people say they support what I do, which is lovely, but if i cannot pay that vet there will be no rescue.

Yesterday I did an appeal for Ricardo to have his one last operation, I need to raise just under 600€ to clear the outstanding bill and pay for the new one. 7558 people follow the page... FOUR people donated.... So, the harsh reality is 2018 may be the last year for my rescue.. we will see....

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Not Long is Too Long

It still amazes me that people have to be told not to leave their dogs in the car during the summer months. If like me you get whingy when the temperature rises, and the thought of sitting in a car without the AC being on full blast, I cannot even begin to imagine how a dog feels.

Dogs cannot sweat, open a window, or grab something from the car to fan themselves. They cannot moan loudly to husbands that they are hot, and that there must be another higher cold setting on the AC. Not every dog will die, however, they will suffer severe distress, anxiety and discomfort.

The amount of people that "nip to the shop" and leave their dog in the car need hitting with a shovel. That simple act of "nipping for a loaf of bread" NEVER happens, shops have an ability to lure you in, and the one loaf of bread turns into 14 items, a huge queue and 30 minutes.

Those 30 minutes become hell for you dog, with increasing temperatures in a tin can, your dog is likely to get heatstroke. If you have ever had heat stroke you would not wish this on anyone, especially your dog. The symptoms are similar to a major hangover and include:

  • heavy panting
  • restlessness
  • vomitting
  • drowsiness
  • lack of cordination
  • mouth feels like a sewer 
  • excessive thirst 
Think back to the last time you had a hangover, would you want your dog to go through that? exactly! all because you wanted to "nip to the shops" You also do not want to join the people that come up with the most stupid excuses ever which include: 

  • I left the window open 
  • Its not like they were on their own I left my kids in the car too 
  • Its ok I'm a vet
  • We only went for lunch, it was quick I skipped dessert
  • My dog is white, they will be fine
Yep, these are real excuses when people have been caught with their dog in the car, looking like it has had been on the longest pub crawl the night before. So, please don't leave your dog in the car, as I am campaigning to go alongside the new law about smashing car windows that people can hit the dog owner with the object they used to smash the window, to hopefully knock some sense into the idiots.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

We Live In A Toxic World

When you become immersed in the rescue world, you soon realize that the world is a highly toxic place. The focus to rescue animals takes over, and eventually swallows you whole. Although there are positive days, and happy outcomes, sadly, these are shadowed with far more negative days.

The heartbreaking reality is that there are an estimated 600 million stray dogs in the world. With such huge numbers I find it unbelievable that people still consider it acceptable to breed their dogs. The excuses that the breeders give for breeding are laughable, and they justify their decision with statements like "rescues are unpredictable" "prone to illnesses" or even aggressive.

Pure breeds end up in the pound alongside the mixes as many simple do not meet the "quality" that is expected of the breed. Just another sign of the throw away society that we have become. The standards are set by humans, the puppies that are created, yet not good enough, become the equivalent of a supermarket wonky vegetable. 

Whilst rescue centers all over the world are full, and so many dogs are PTS due to space, I will never understand why anyone thinks we need more puppies in the world. Some people argue they want a certain type of dog, with specific traits and personalities. Then sign up to a breed specific rescue, and wait for that dog to come up. However, patience is another thing that humans now lack, and when they want something, they want it NOW.

Many people will be surprised the amazing dog you can adopt from a rescue, who will adapt, and grow within your family, if you give it time. Imagine the difference that you will make to that dogs life, by giving them a chance to shine. Many dogs have suffered at human hands, and they will take longer to trust and settle, but when they do you will have an amazing companion.

Instead of opening your wallet, and paying a breeder, how about you offer time, love, respect and patience. You might surprise yourself, and actually like yourself a little more for making an effort, and not choosing the easy way of buying your designer puppy.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Just Another Crazy Week

It has been yet another mad busy, crazy week, I seem to say that a lot, but hey it is true. Although every week is different, it is also the same, different in the medical and behavioral cases, yet the same as it never ends. Same story every day, every week, of every year.

Everywhere is full, everyone is messaging each other hoping that someone has space for dogs before they are PTS. Sadly there is just no space, resulting in my heart sinking a little further every day. Cases are coming in that I simply cannot afford to take, and more people than ever before asking for help.

I can truly see why so many rescues close due to a lack of funds, support I have, funds are low. The sheer numbers of abandoned animals on these islands, never matches the amount of people who step up to adopt, nor does it match the huge amount of funding needed to save these animals.

The heartbreaking reality is that thousands of animals die here every year, and yes I know I cannot save them all, however, the reason why is pure and simple, money. My energy levels are low, my faith in humans lower, although I receive an amazing amount of donations, it simply is never enough.

Another bolloxing from the vet this week, and this time he had his serious face on. He cannot keep allowing me to run the bill up, which yet again is over 4000€, I understand his point, but does not make it any easier. So, whilst I decide whether to stop helping for a while, as there is simply no funds, I also get to enjoy yet another calima... 50c heat and sad... yippeee

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Free Ranging

Everyone thinks the idea of free range chickens is amazing, and that that is their dream... think again! When you allow chickens to go where they want, they REALLY go where they want. This means the end up everywhere, in the stables, in the kennels, and where there is chickens there is chicken poop.

The other issue with free range chickens is the fact they lay eggs everywhere, it is like one long Easter egg hunt, just less fun, with no chocolate. I stupidly thought that they would continue to lay in their nice, warm, cosy nesting boxes. Nope they lay where they feel like it, if there is bedding, a bucket, a bag, or even a gap they are there, laying bloody eggs.

Free range chickens are also like wayward teenagers, letting them selves in and out as they please. Some return for dinner, others stroll in when they feel like it, without a care in the world. A few are rebellious and never return until it is dark, and others are up before light, maybe it is the same chickens, and they simply never sleep!

So, unless you are a master chicken farmer, and have complete organisation, I would say free ranging is a headache. I trip over chickens, clean poop off everything, and find them everywhere on a daily basis. I'm sure there are many people that could tell me where i'm going wrong, bu hey my life would not be complete without some form of chaos everyday.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

I Give Them A Chance

Sadly an old Yorkie died at the vets this week, her teeth were so badly infected that she had a very small chance of survival. Years and years of neglect had finally caught up with her, and she made the decision that this was her time to go. Someone asked me after this death, why do I take the dogs that are likely to die.... the answer is simple... I give them a chance.

The honest answer is no one else would take a nearly blind, skinny yorkie from the pound. Although I had no idea about her teeth until I got her out, the oldies often bring medical issues. However, they deserve a chance like every other dog, many survive, and go on to get amazing homes.

Some do give up, and decide that they don't want to fight anymore, and I am sure that some simply die of a broken heart. These dogs have been in homes, they were loved at some point, and then dumped. For an aging, maybe blind or deaf dog that is soul destroying.

If you look at the sensible side of things should I take these dogs, nope, as they cost me money and sometimes die before even going up for adoption. However, I would rather spend the time, and money giving them that chance. That is what sets me apart from all the other rescues.

I also believe that if you ever have to question why I do what I do, then you don't really understand who I am and why I do this. Every dog deserves a chance regardless of age, breed, or illnesses. So, as always I will continue to do what I do.

Monday, 3 September 2018

I Don't Care!

Oh dear it seems my blogs are causing a stir again, and the haters are out in force calling me unprofessional, and disgusting. The trouble is I really don't care what you think of me to be honest. Going on my page and bleating how writing about someone that dumps their dog is unprofessional is laughable.

First it was the aunt, stating I was disgusting as I referred to ... wait for it S...E...X... what are we 12 and cannot discuss sex on an open platform? and then it was the mum stating she was disgusted, well yes love I was disgusted that your son got rid of his dog after a year.

The thing is, these people just don't get it, they don't understand that I really don't care about what they say. I don't care what they call me, I don't care that they are hurt, and disgusted, I don't care that they feel humiliated. What I do care about is these dogs. I care that they are hurt, and confused, and we are left to pick up the pieces.

I make a promise to every single animal that I save that I will make their life better, and sadly this means that I have to trust other humans to do the same. Many achieve this and the dogs get amazing homes, with people who love them for the rest of their lives.

Then there are the small majority that fail, and let the dog down, and these people are the ones that bleat they are the victim. No, you are the arseholes, and that is my opinion which I am allowed. As I have stated many times before, you don't like my blog the exits are clearly marked..... feel free to leave!