Sunday, 23 September 2018

Something Has to Change!

I have been away for a few days, no where exciting, more to recharge my batteries, and also to reflect and make some decisions. This summer has been tougher than usual, I do not know if it is the relentless heat, or the fact I am getting older. The constant struggle to raise enough funds is draining, and to be honest a struggle that I am not sure I want to continue doing.

This isn't a woe is me whinging blog, it is reality, and if people have suggestions how to change things then please get in touch. I have run out of steam, I am fed up of begging for something so simple as 1 euro a month and getting hardly nothing back.

I have over 7500 people follow my page, now I understand that some are hard core supporters, some simply like to follow the dogs, some are purely nosey, and others may have even clicked like not knowing what the hell they were doing. However, surely out of 7500 people at least half can donate 1 euro a month!

If that amount donated such a small amount, I could pay the vet, and breathe, as I am sick and tired of begging for money for vets bills, and getting hardly any support. The harsh reality is in 8 days I loose the credit at the vets as I cannot pay him the amount he wants to keep it open.

Without the credit at the vet I cannot take the emergencies, and the dogs that need the help the most. So, the reality is I will stop doing what I do, as I cannot keep paying out of my own money (yes I work as well) So many people say they support what I do, which is lovely, but if i cannot pay that vet there will be no rescue.

Yesterday I did an appeal for Ricardo to have his one last operation, I need to raise just under 600€ to clear the outstanding bill and pay for the new one. 7558 people follow the page... FOUR people donated.... So, the harsh reality is 2018 may be the last year for my rescue.. we will see....

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