Friday 21 December 2018

Let the Dumping Begin!

Call me the Grinch! I hate this time of year, for many reasons, and since running a rescue I now hate, hate, hate, no looooattthhhh this time of year!

People rushing round trying to please everyone else, spending money they don't have, on gifts that are unwanted. Added with the idiots buying the good old fashioned "Christmas Puppy"

The internet has made it even easier for these idiots to get their hands on the best "gift" the one that will be adored and played with for a total sum of 24 hours. Then their bundle of joy pees up the tree, chews the other new toys, and isn't as cute as everyone thought.

For over 40 years the slogan "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" has been used, and to be honest very few people seem to listen. They ignore the adverts, the TV campaigns, and the papers that publish the numbers of abandoned dogs every year. Rescues are bracing themselves for the impulse puppies to be dumped in the New Year.

Some people actually manage until around March time, and then they dump their larger, uncontrollable, un trained "gift"  I would love to think that this year will be different, but to be honest I don't think it will be. You cannot help stupid, and that it what is buying the puppies as gifts for Christmas..... pure and simple stupid!

Thankfully more rescues like mine are banning the adoption of puppies over the Christmas period, and it still amazes me how many people call me on Christmas Eve looking for their "perfect gift" They are shocked when I go "NOPE" come back in the New Year, they never do.

All we can hope for is that new generations are more intelligent, and that slowly the numbers will decrease. Until then, like many rescues, I am bracing for impact, and getting ready for the dumping to begin!

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  1. We get the same thing at Fuerteventura Dog Rescue so I completely sympathise. Thank you for all you do x