Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Do You Feed Them Paella?

Many rescues state there is no such thing as a stupid question, well trust me there is! I love questions, and encourage them as I think this shows you are interested, but we get asked some over and over, and I do actually think REALLY! Don't get me wrong many questions are things that I would expect, but others are ... well.... weird.

One of the first things I get asked is.... "Will the dog understand me" ..... so I ponder and think.. "can you speak?" are you mute? Do you mumble? Why wouldn't the dog understand you? So, when I ask, I get told...... "well, they are Spanish..... so do I need to learn Spanish to speak to them"

Come on guys if every Spanish dog that went to the UK, had to be spoken to in Spanish, there would be a huge community of Spanish speaking dog owners. So, No your dog will understand you... although I do have some owners that do say their dog looks at them with a look of " I speeky no English"

The next question I get asked is "what do they eat" Now I know I live in Gran Canaria, but we do have supermarkets, and dog food. So the dogs eat ..... dog food.

When I say this to new owners, they message back with " oh thank god I thought I was going to have to cook Paella" I kid you not, some people think I stand for hours making paella for the dogs!

So, don't worry if you adopt from us your dog will have no weird dietary habits, will not arrive clutching a wicker donkey, wearing a sombrero

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  1. Hahahah....I asked that question about the Spanish....feeling like a twat now .......however very surprised that GI Joe wont be wearing a sombrero and I was REALLY looking forward to the wicker donkey...even cleared a space for it in my lounge......I will be returning said dog until I get my donkey or at least a plastic flamenco toilet roll holder !!!! ;)