Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Emotional Blackmail

One of my biggest gripes on FB and the internet in general is the pages and pages of arrogant people using emotional blackmail posts to get money. We see it all the time, the "THIS DOG ONLY HAS HOURS" posts or the send money NOW or the dog will be killed. However, yesterday I saw the worst one I have ever seen.

The so called animal rescue person has set up an appeal for 250,000€ to buy her a farm, yep a property! Apparently the three she already owns both in Spain and in Scotland arent enough, she wants another. Of course the best way to achieve this goal is to slap a sad story, some awful photos, and claim you are doing it ALL for the dogs.

The long story that goes with the property appeal is to the point of nausea, very well calculated to tug at the purse strings via the heart strings. What I do not understand with animal rescue is when people became so stupid. This woman has dumped dogs all over this island, killed 32 dogs in a short space of time, and rather than fund raise to get the dogs she has "saved" People are donating to buy her a nice new property.

Now, I have read the pathetic story that goes with the con, and see why people are falling for it, as she claims to be setting up a "sanctuary" for THOUSANDS of dogs, so they can run free, and be safe for ever blah blah blah...... how does she propose to pay for this long term? food? vets? oh yeah but asking for more, and more, and more.

Not once has it been said that she will be selling her three properties to pay towards her nice new rent free living. Not once has it been mentioned that neither her or her husband work, that they live off donations, and people funding her life.

I could rant about this for hours, as this one really gets to me, as whilst she is collecting those donations, laughing all the way to the bank, the only ones to suffer are the dogs. Please, if you are going to donate to any rescue, or charity, look into things, don't just read the carefully written sob story, but take a step back, and think, would I rather buy some food for a dog,or pay for a house for a money grabbing rescue.

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