Wednesday 30 August 2017

When The Adoption Goes Bad!

As with everything to do with rescue, small things never happen, and when it goes bad it really goes BAD. Thankfully I have had only 2 bad adoptions in 5 years, which is a good amount, however, there should be no bad ones. Sadly, yesterday one of our adoptions went really bad, really quickly, and we nearly lost a dog at the hands of some psycho.

Sofi one of our long termers had been in the UK for a while, and was with an excellent foster mum who had taught her that the world wasn't such a scary place. The foster mum had done everything by the book, the home checks had been completed, she had met the adopter a few times, they had all met Sofi, she had sat her down many times to explain the usual " don't let her off the lead, give her time, allow her to settle"

Off Sofi went, we were all delighted, and then the message came " she wants to give Sofi back, can you speak to her" So, obviously I stopped what I was doing and sent her a very long message explaining all the usual tips and advice, in fact I sent her 6 messages, which is more than I send any member of my family in a day.

All I got back is "we are beyond that Sofi has savaged my husband" now if you know sofi you will soon realize this was a huge shock, I didn't believe it, but had to take this woman's word. So I asked for photos and the police report, so I could decide the next course of action. This was when she went all lethal attraction on us, and turned into fruit loop mode.

The foster and I spent ALL day hundreds of messages trying to get sense out of this woman, all we could gather was she had ignored EVERY bit of advice, let Sofi off the lead, she had freaked, husband had stuck his face in Sofi's and Sofi had snapped. Still I needed photos, I needed to see what damage Sofi had done.

Still the photos never came, but the next message was when I kicked in with protective mumma mode, when she informed me that she had spoken to her vet and on seeing the injuries he advised destroying Sofi. As I sat there deciding how quickly I could get on a plane to save Sofi and kick arse, I found it strange that a vet would advise putting a healthy loving dog down that was in fact still chipped to me.

Something wasnt right, and I was determined to get to the answer, the woman was just too calm, her messages where creepy, and she repeated herself over and over. I had a gut feeling she was lying, and simply didn't want sofi anymore. Fair enough but don't bullshit me, she told us Sofi would have to live in the garden, and that was when I saw red, Sofi's days of living outside were over, and I vowed she would never go back to that.

I called the police, and made them aware, I called a friend, and he arranged to collect our beautiful Sofi before any harm came to her. I also called the vet who state they had not even seen this fruit loop, and would not put a healthy dog down. Whilst this was happening she sent the photos of the vicious dog bite......

Yep...... I will leave those here for everyone to make up their own minds. Apparently she was TERRIFIED of Sofi after this attack.

We got Sofi back, and all breathed a sigh of relief, but it is worrying that someone so mentally unstable could slip through the net. I have reported her to the police, and placed her on the black list for adoptions.

Sadly Sofi is still looking for her forever home, but I am confident that somewhere out there is a home for her.

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