Sunday, 20 August 2017

Humans Are Miserable!

I live on a tourist island, therefore, it is full of tourists, and although I try to avoid resorts as much as possible, sometimes I have to venture into them. Now being a tourist island, you would think the tourists would be happy, yeah right, miserable, rude, and unaware of anyone else is more realistic! The tourists have long faces, and certainly have no manners.

As I maneuvered around the shop, bread in hand, on a mission as always, I watched the shuffling, zombie like people. They look like they have no interest in being there, so why come, no one forces you onto the plane. Aren't holidays supposed to make you happy?

I headed for the wine aisle.... it had been a long day! A man approached the same area pushing past me to get to a carton of paint stripper, I mean cheap wine. Apparently pushing, was easier than a simple "excuse me" Perdon or even "entschuldigen"

He was oblivious to his rudeness, which drives me mad, there is NO excuse for rudeness, maybe we should bring back capitol punishment and hang the rude people.

I continued to the till, remembering why I live up a mountain surrounded by animals, and and why I hate humans.

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