Tuesday 8 August 2017

Poisoned Cat!

I hate Monday's, they typically always start in the usual way... Chaos, with some disasters thrown in for good measure.  Mixed in with unbearable heat at 07.00 came one of our mouse catching cats, the moment I saw him I knew he had been poisoned. All the usual symptoms were there, and I knew I had to get him to the vet. Although we don't use poison here, all the fincas surrounding us do, to kill the mice and rats... our cats catch the mice, so hey presto we have a problem.

Jnr survived the journey, which is a start, as I have seen far too many cats die within 10-15 minutes from poison. As I ran into the vets cat in arms, the door was closed, so I banged on it, and out came the vet.... I shouted "poisoned cat" he shouted back "dead dog" I looked confused then saw the dead dog on the scales. I pointed out I really didnt care, and to save my cat, he got to work.

With poison all we can do is vitamin K, drips, and numerous drugs and pray, we have to hope that the amount digested is small.

Jnr was moved to a cage, and I just hoped he was strong enough to pull through this. As we walked back to the exam room, the vet said it would be helpful to know what poison the neighbor used.

I gave him a look of REALLY, and said "you want me to pop round, and say hi neighbor you dickhead, thanks for trying to kill my cats again, by the way what do you use"

The vet laughed, and said " no louise, bake some cupcakes, be nice, smile and ask him" ... he paused for a moment and realized what he had said was NEVER  going to happen, and if I got near the neighbor, I would stuff the rat poison down his bloody throat.

We agreed might be better to not visit the neighbor, and off I went, leaving Jnr to fight for his life. Back to the unbearable heat, and a day of moaning, and more disasters.

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