Sunday 25 February 2018

It's Only Water!

If I lived in the south, in a lovely brick built house I would not care that it was raining, In fact I might also join the group of "what you moaning about, its only rain" However, I don't live there, I live on top of a mountain closer to the clouds, closer to the rain, and in a very old goat shed. Therefore, when the rain comes, and means it, there is nothing I can do but try and save as much as I can.

After the last storm a few years ago,  I now have a larger respect for the rain, as it was so powerful it destroyed our property. We tried everything but there was no stopping it, and this time it felt the same way. When you live in the mountains or campo's here, the rain brings mud, debris and rocks all on it's path to wherever it's going.

Obviously the first thing to go here is the power, as the water runs into every fuse box, and socket, the moment that goes you know it is going to be a long day. The rain kept coming and coming, meaning that the property soon became a huge lake, with everything slowly sinking. The only thing on my mind was to make sure that the animals were ok.

As I walked away from my "house" that was rapidly going under muddy water, the animals were my priority. We had to get everything to higher ground, so rabbits had to be caught and boxed puppies moved, chickens shouted at as they are so stupid they simply stand and drown rather than run. The stables become the river for the water and mud, and all the horses look at you with complaining faces of our feet are getting wet here.

Many of the things we had done after the last storm slowed down the water, this gave us time to save the animals, and move them to safety.  The mud and water was still coming, but slower, and although we were up to our ankles in water the animals were safe. The moment I knew the animals were safe, was the moment I looked around and saw the damage. As darkness fell and the rain continued I knew there was nothing more to do, other than try and save my "house"

Through the night the roads had collapsed near us, and the mountains had come down, closing many roads. The emergency services are great and clear through the night, however, some remain closed, cutting us off from the world. Yesterday the sun shone, and the damage was less than thought, but all day we cleaned, swept mud, and repaired the broken things. The stables were trashed again, and the outside areas like giant mud pits.

Today we are on maximum alert, the government have told people to evacuate as the storm is back, we are predicted  a huge amount of rain. All I can hope for is that it moves somewhere else, and that we do not get hit again. If the amount of rain predicted does arrive, then I am fucked!

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