Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Runaway Horses!

I don't do run, I do walk very fast. which means when I do run it means something really serious is happening. Yesterday morning we woke up to devastation, our property had taken a huge hit, and there was plenty broken, or moved. Fences had broken,meaning animals were not where they should be, and this means trouble. 

Molly and Igor were out and wandering the property, which was not a huge issue as they could not go anywhere. Igor had a look of trouble about him, or that may have just been his regular look, you can never tell. I begun the usual cleaning and feeding when my phone rang, it was hubby which is odd as A) he never calls anyone B) he was in the house and C) you can't hear him on the phone, so he knows not to call me as I spend the whole conversation going "what, I can't hear you" 

I understood clearly though that Igor the wonder donkey was stood in the road, how the hell had he managed that. I left the kennels and walked up through the property to see the gates wide open, the wind must have blown them open. Molly was stood on my side, Igor in the road with a look of  haha lets have some fun. 

My fast walk turned into a run as I saw Molly look at Igor and make a bolt for the gates, nothing will make your heart beat as fast as when you see a horse run towards an open gate. Molly of course beat me to it, and off her and Igor went down the road. Igor kept looking back with a look of hahaha catch me if you can. 

Now thankfully Molly is of higher intelligence than Igor, and knows where home is, more importantly who feeds her. So after 20 minutes of going up and down the road, she realised that this game was boring. She returned home with a sulky Igor in tow, who I screamed at all the way up the road. Thanks guys for the morning exercise just what I needed NOT!

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