Sunday 11 February 2018

Making Money From Rescue

Over the years I have been accused of making money from my rescue, and always shrug it off with a laugh. However,  I see it more and more on good old FB where people are constantly accused of "making money" "cashing in" and "living off their rescues" Now am I being thick, or really crap at what I do, but how is that possible?

I run a very successful rescue, and trust me there is no big bucket of money, both my husband and I work and there are several times where I have to use our wages to pay for feed, or vets. So, how the hell are these other rescues cashing in on their rescue animals, or is it all make believe by the trolls? I do ponder this as I would love to make enough to pay everything without worry.

The only conclusion I can come to is that the trolls have it wrong, as surely if you have to get a dog ready for adoption, which costs a lot trust me. Then feed it whilst it is waiting for a home, you would have to charge a stupid adoption fee for the dog, to even break even. no matter which way I look at it it never makes sense.

If someone out there can explain then great, rather than just throw out the statement, "oh they are cashing in" I do also think that the only people who ever claim this are not in an animal rescue themselves, as anyone who does this knows they don't get paid! Everyone is a volunteer, no one receives a wage, and many pay for things themselves.

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