Wednesday 3 May 2017


Why people dump their dogs I will never understand, but dumping old dogs REALLY pisses me off. How on earth can you walk into a place that you know may potentially kill your dog, drop off your old, loyal friend, and walk away. These people I would like to hit with a large object, and keep hitting them until they understand that this behavior is not right. 

When I see the oldies in the pound, my heart breaks just a little more, often they are deaf, blind, or simply just old. Their faces tell a thousands stories, and their calmness comes from the fact they have given up. I cannot walk away when I see these old dogs, which is how I now have a few in my home. As stated before, we have residents who live here, they cost me a fortune, bring me stress, but also make me feel good that they will not die alone in the pound. 

Oldies are the way forward, although they all have their challenges, they are funny, and cause no trouble, unlike my younger dogs. I now have five oldies, its like an old peoples home with them all grumbling at each other. We have Prince, Dylan, Lucy, Stevie, and Rocky has recently joined us, bringing the total up to nine dogs in my house..... Once you get over four, you dont notice anymore! 

Dylan was the first oldie I got, he had been chained up all his life to guard a finca, due to his size, he was supposed to be scary. Now he is old, he has bad hips, and struggles with walking, but his brain is still 100% and can hear the biscuit jar opening regardless of where he is in the house. 

Prince came next, he was in the pound, simply stood gazing out, wondering what he had done wrong, and why he was there. Prince is a challenge as he has dementia, and will often bark at the walls through the night. He forgets who he is, and every day is like groundhog day, but he is happy. 

Lucy was found in a cat colony, she had survived years living un noticed, and was in a poor shape when found. She was covered in tumors and had extensive surgery, when she came out of the vets I simply looked at her, and thought who the hell is going to adopt you, so she stayed. Lucy is deaf, has ZERO teeth and is the grumpiest dog on the planet, but we love her. 

Stevie was tied up outside the pound gates, she is blind, and was terrified, the pound asked me to take her, which I of course did. When I got her home, there was something about her that was funny and quirky. Stevie stayed, and although she is blind, she is an incredible little dog, who causes us daily amusement. 

Rocky is our newest oldie to join the pack, and Rocky makes me so sad, he is 15, and was dropped off in the pound by his owner. Rocky is deaf, his eyesight is failing, and he has dementia, he gets confused, and cries. All Rocky wants is love, and comfort, and although every day with him is a challenge, he knows he is loved, which is what matters. 

So, the next time you see an oldie pop up on the page, dont dismiss them because they are old, you may be surprised how much you fall in love. 

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