Saturday 13 May 2017

Dead Dog in The Car

I have the most bizarre things in my car, and if you have ever been in it, you will fully understand what I mean.  There is a huge amount of dog stuff, from leads to food, ensuring that if I ever see a dog I can attempt to catch it. There are wipes and air fresheners to try and make my car look, and smell slightly better. Often there are meds, tablets, and even syringes if I am on the way home from the vets.

One night the contents of my car, and the events of the day nearly got me locked up, for a long time, thankfully the guardia understood and saw the funny side. It begun in the usual fashion with too much to do, and rushing around, at some point during the day I had dropped my driving licence. This caused a huge amount of swearing, but not  a lot I could do, so I carried on my day.

I had been to the vets, and was shattered when I came back, parked my car, got the dogs out, and thought I will empty it out the next day. So, all the meds, syringes, and ice packs with viles were still in the car. This wasnt an issue, as the car and me were not leaving the property, or so I thought. Until my phone rang at 11pm, a distraught volunteer had found a dead dog on the motorway, and had no idea what to do.

I dragged my arse out of bed, threw clothes on, called daughter, and set off, forgetting I had no driving licence, and a cool box full of drugs. I collected daughter, and we went and found the volunteer, and the dead dog. To not cause anymore chaos on the motorway, we put the dead dog in the cage of my car and drove to a near by carpark so I could scan the dog for a microchip.

This is normal when you do what we do, so having a dead dog in the car, although sad, doesn't really freak us out. So, there is daughter and I, in the dark, maneuvering a large dead dog so I could get the microchip number. Once this had been done, and the vets notified so they can update the database, I decided to collect husband from work as he was nearly finished.

Off I drove into the middle of resort, with no driving licence, a cool box full of drugs, and a dead dog, still not really realizing that this could potentially cause a stir. I parked outside my husbands work, and we sat and waited. Next moment the guardia pulled up behind me, and suddenly the penny dropped....... I had no driving licence, a coolbox full of drugs, and a dead dog in the boot.

As the guardia got out of their car, and walked slowly to my window, FUCK was all that I could say loudly. He tapped on my window, and I froze, where the hell was I going to start...... now the guardia here do not only ask you for your paperwork, they empty your car, and search it, not because you look dodgy, but because they can.

After a lot of explaining, and many times repeating I think the guardia left us as they could not deal with the HUGE amount of paperwork, or they realized no one could possibly make up what we had just come out with. So, please if you ever lose your driving licence, have drugs in the car, and a dead dog in the boot, stay at home, it is far easier!

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