Friday 19 May 2017

Its Exhausting....

There are many days when I end the day exhausted, who am I kidding EVERY day I am exhausted, mentally and physically.  Animal rescue is tough, every day there are more and more requests to help, less funds to do so, and setting personal limits is impossible. Rescue is a lifestyle, it is not a job, it has become my life.

Everyday I receive messages asking for help, it is so hard to explain how I decide who to help, but every case I take on board all the facts.  There are always cases which are harder to say no, and then the ones that fall into my inbox over and over. The kittens who didn't ask to be born, the dogs dumped due to people leaving, or the abuse cases that I see over and over.

The dogs we take, rescue and rehome are the lucky ones, but not every story is a success, and these leave a scar. This could be due to a number of reasons, lack of funds, behavioral issues, or medical problems. Strangely even successful cases drain you, and I have had to learn to take one day at a time, and learn that I cannot save them all.

People often say to me, take some time off, do something else for the day, have some "you" time, and I actually laugh. Although I am exhausted, I am also a control freak, and struggle to allow anyone else to help. There are  a few people who I trust to look after my world, and even then they receive the 150 page manual that I write. This has every scenario, and what to do, including floods, plagues, and hurricanes.

However, this said, I know when I am reaching my energy tanks being completely empty, and know it is time to just have a couple of days away. It is typically when I become irrational, and start arguing with idiots on FB, for no other reason than they are idiots. Exhaustion makes me loose my cheery outlook on life (sarcasm there) So, time to recharge those batteries soon, before I kill someone, or many people.

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