Friday 12 May 2017

Breed Specific Rescues...

I work with so many different people, and organisations and on the whole they are great to work with, but the hardest groups are breed specific rescues. Why do they they think they are better than everyone else. Why do they think because they rescue ONE breed that they know EVERYTHING. Sorry guys, but to me REAL rescue is rescuing everything, no matter of breed, looks, age or imperfections.

Breed specific rescues, spot a dog that they want, and send rude, impatient messages stating they can "take the dog" The fact that I never asked you to take the dog amazes me, and the odd occasion I have asked breed specific groups to help, they have said no because the dog isnt perfect. Dont get me wrong not all breed specific groups are stuck up, and very rude, just a huge number of them.

I work with one group that are amazing, they do an incredible job, and save as many of this breed as they can. They do not care how old, what conditions, they really do love the breed, and they know the breed inside out. They also listen to what I have to say, and do not dismiss me, because they think they know more.

A & M rescue Bull Terriers, and before I got involved with them, I didnt have much to do with the breed, and too be honest they are still not top of my favorite list. However, these guys are incredible, they have rescued over 40 Bull Terriers from the Canaries alone. As with all dangerous breeds here, this breed get a tough life, they are used, abused, and often discarded.

Once found, and rescued, I can never take the credit for the transformation on these dogs. A & M are what rescue is all about, they love these dogs, spend huge amounts to ensure that they are loved, and cared for. Now Im not going to lie, I do chuckle at some of the things that they do, as making dogs tea and biscuits, cooking them roast dinners and putting them in onesies is bizarre to say the least. However, it works as these guys have the most harmonious environment for these dogs.

Initially when I first started working with these guys it was like treading on egg shells, they had HUGE hearts but were blinkered to what we see day in day out. Slowly though they have toughened up,and I find that I dont have to sugar coat as much as before. So, thank you guys for saving as many dogs as you do, for making me laugh at your posts and photos and for being down to earth normal people.

Check out Bullie Bonkers Rescue and below are just some of the dogs that this group have saved, rehabilitated and rehomed!

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