Friday 5 May 2017

Yes, I smell...

People are often gobsmacked when I stand there and state, yep the smell is probably me! There is no way apart from 20 outfit changes a day that I can remain clean, and shit smelling free. I do try and leave the house without a huge amount of dirt on me, but 90% of the time I fail. The problem is I am usually so busy that changing my clothes, is not of huge importance.

When my kids were younger, and I had loads more free time, I would always ensure that I looked and smelt presentable. I would check there was no baby puke down the back of my top, and I would even brush my hair. However, these days the fact that I have the energy to get dressed, and leave the house is a miracle in its self.

With animals the likelihood of me having shit, hay, food, blood or dribble is HUGE, I do look myself over, and I hate to admit I often cannot be bothered to change even If I am covered in one or all of these things. Now my opinion is if Im happy smelling like a farm yard, then what right does anyone else have to criticize.

I was stood at the airport the other day, having just rushed from the kennels, loaded dogs, remembered paperwork, shouted at everyone to be told by the supervisor that the dogs had an odor! I asked if he meant they smelt of dog? trust me the look on his face meant they smelt of far worse. Now anyone with dogs will know that the moment you leave the house with a dog it shits.

In my case the moment I box a dog it decides that is the best time in the world to cover the inside of the box. However, on this occasion there was no guilty faces, and no dog shit anywhere..... well apart from down my jeans. The supervisor continued to sniff, and point to the dogs, grumbling away to himself.

After a few minutes I was bored of the stupid comments, so simply said " oh the smell, yes thats me, I stink"  At this point he was mortified, and kept apologizing that he had never meant for one minute that I smelt, and that it must be somewhere else in the airport. I was baffled, I had happily told him it was me that stunk, with no shame, or hesitation, yet he had no idea what to say back. So, I apologize in advance if I am near you, down wind, as you are likely to get a whiff of something.

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