Wednesday 24 May 2017


All the dogs that we have rescued are special to me, but Im not going to lie, some are incredibly special, and these dogs have a huge place in my heart. Usually, it is the dogs that were on the brink of death, the ones that we honestly thought had no hope. Tristan was one of these dogs, from the moment Tristan and I set eyes on each other, it was love.

 Tristan was found on some waste ground, he was hog tied, and left to die. He had managed to wriggle around and eat everything near him to survive. Twigs, rocks, rubbish, anything to keep his body from shutting down. Tristan was just 11KG when he was found, badly beaten, and so close to death.

Tristan was dehydrated, and was rushed straight to the vet, where everyone thought he was going to die. his chances were slim, but we looked at each other, and I told him to fight. 

After meds, and the usual treatment, he came back to the kennels, and begun his journey to recovery. Tristan needed six small meals a day to regain his strength and begin to put on the weight he desperately needed.  

Tristan was an angel from the moment he came to us, he was big, but gentle, and so kind, he never once caused problems, and was the first to great me every time I went out to play with the big dogs. 

Tristan was loved by everyone, and when he had gained the weight , and was ready for adoption, we knew it wouldn't be long. One day another small dog needed a blood transfusion, the vet needed a large calm dog who would sit still... of course Tristan was chosen. He didn't get a cup of tea and a biscuit after, but he was rewarded with bonios. 

We were asked for a dog to put in a collaboration calendar, of course everyone choose small, fluffy dogs, we choose Tristan! 

Tristan was adopted in the UK by an amazing lady, and every time his face pops up on FB it makes me smile. Dogs like Tristan make the tough days easier, and the  sad days not so heartbreaking. The day I said goodbye to Tristan, Im sure I had dust in my eyes as they were watering badly..... 

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