Thursday 25 May 2017

Wild Dog Chase.....

Dogs that have been found pop up on FB all the time, the Spanish have a really annoying habit of finding a dog, taking a photo, and then walking off. They post the photo on FB and hope the dog will simply sit there and wait to be rescued. Now this is very unlikely to happen, which causes chaos, when trying to find the dog again.

One night I had a call from one of my crazy bunch, she had seen a post on FB about a dog in a local town that needed help. All the information she had was the town, and a photo of the dog, I pointed out it was pointless searching, but she had got herself in a flap. She stated she was going searching that night on her own, in the dark, in a not so nice part of town. FFS ..... yes you guessed it I couldnt let her go alone, so I agreed to meet her.

From the moment we met up, I pointed out my views that to find this dog was near on impossible, and that it was dark, and I was cold and grumpy. Did she care, did she hell, and off we went to look for a dog. Along the way she pointed out she had brought chicken, and called the dog Rooney, again WTF we had not even found the bloody thing and it had a name.

She kept looking at the photo on her phone of the dog, sorry Rooney! and asking people if they had seen the dog, which of course no one had. She commented that he was laid next to a yellow wall, brilliant, there are only 5000 buildings with yellow walls.

As I drove around she would lean out of the window, waving chicken screaming Rooooooonnneeeeeyyyyyyy, I pointed out he did not know this was his dumb arse name, but she was having none of it.

After several hours, which felt like days trudging through cactus's and being stared at by all the locals she finally asked me if I thought we would find him..... my answer. "NO" She looked like her own dog was missing, and although she was being a sappy dick, I knew I had to do something. I contacted everyone I knew in the area, all the cat colony people, and animal people, and asked them to keep an eye out for the bloody dog.

The next day I got a call, a woman had walked in to a local vet with him, and the vet called me, I told her to keep hold of the bloody dog, and I would collect him. Well needless to say I had one crazy friend, oh and another dog to rehome!

Rooney soon became Buddy, and he was lucky to find a lovely home in Norway. Although he caused a night of frantic searching, he was one of the lucky ones, and as with all dogs, some get under your skin. On this occasion Miss High was not giving up until she had him, and it was her determination and nagging that got him rescued. 

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