Sunday 7 May 2017


The best way to describe me is Marmite.... You either love me or hate me, which is absolutely fine but if you hate me, leave me the hell alone. I often wonder if people have so little going on in their lives that they feel the need to spend all day spouting crap about other people. If that is the case, spend a day with me, you wont have time to brush your hair let alone gossip.

Why do people want to put others down? I love it when people are doing well, and are happy, but many others seem to resent this, and want to hurt people. I do not feel the need to lie, or spread rubbish about people, but there is a small group of people on this island that have formed the "We hate Louise Baker fan club" Membership it seems is achieved by being a dickhead, and over the years this group have spread some ridiculous rumors. These include:

* There are no animals, we make it all up with photoshop
* We make millions from animal rescue
* I have a brand new car
* We live in a mansion with pool, and staff
* I dont give the dogs the food and treats donated
* We starve, beat, and kill the dogs
* We eat the dogs...... oh yes I ate them with some lava beans and a nice bottle of Cianti hahaha

it goes on and on....

The latest to be spread is that the police came here, took all the animals and I have been shut down under investigation. WTF.... is all I have to say, please guys you can do better than that, the one about me eating the dogs was far funnier. I could get angry about the crap, but too be honest I am at a point in my life, where I know I do a good job, my supporters see what we do, and I truly do believe in Karma.

Karma is an incredible thing, and although I am no angel, these people deserve everything they get, the mis fortune, the death and the illness. When karma comes knocking, I hope you remember the people that you attacked on your bitter little journey. I on the other hand will sit back, enjoying my life, laughing at your downfall.

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