Sunday 14 May 2017

Darker than Dark

I live up in the mountains, which means that it is dark, really dark, darker than dark, no light pollution at all, therefore, it is pitch black. Now you understand how dark it is, the fact that I am not good in the dark, is a bit of an issue. I truly do believe that every noise, is an ax murderer who has trudged up the mountain to kill me.

As nightfall approaches, and everything is put to bed, I retreat to the safety of my goat shed, under a duvet. I avoid going out in the dark as much as possible, however, there are the odd occasions when this is necessary. Last night I found myself wandering around in the dark, searching for a dog, this was not by choice, but more because hubby declared he saw a dog on the property.

Hubby knows never to wake me unless urgent, as the one thing I love more than coffee, is sleep. I rolled over and like a small child answered him whining " do I have tooooooooooo"  Yes was all I got back. So, I presumed it must be important, and dragged my arse out of bed, grabbed a torch and asked him a few basic questions.

Now men are not the best with information, as when asked if it was one of our dogs he said "dunno" when asked if it was a kennel dog I got "dunno" how big "dunno" injured "dunno" do you see how there was a pattern forming. Off we trudged, in the dark, where there are scary things, and noises to look for a dog. Now me being me always imagines the worst scenario, that all the dogs have escaped, a neighbors dog has got in and killed everything, never that it is a small poodle searching for a home.

After 15 minutes of searching, and no dog being seen or heard, hubby declared he might have been wrong, and it might have been a chicken, I turned and all I could say was "REALLY"  WTF did you get me out of bed for, to look for a chicken that wander around all night, every night. Off I stomped back to bed, in the dark, convinced the ax murderer was following me!

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