Thursday 4 May 2017

Broken Heart....

Everytime an animal dies my heart breaks, I often wonder how many times this can happen before there is nothing left. Rescuing animals is tough, and I have sat and wondered why do I put myself through it, day in day out. Yesterday my heart was broken again, as Rocky had a stroke, and the decision was made to let him go.

I came in yesterday to find Rocky on the floor, having seizures, which had resulted in him having a massive stroke. He had lost everything he could no longer see, he could not walk, and he had limited brain function. I bundled him up in a blanket and headed to the vets, hoping for a miracle on the way. When I take on the old dogs, I know they dont have long, and that what time they do have here is happy and they are loved, but it never makes it easier.

On arriving at the vet, Rocky was examined, and the vet confirmed my worst fears, he had suffered a blood clot to the brain, and Rocky was now just a shell. In those next moments I knew what decision I had to make, but it is never easy. My vet is amazing, and knows he has to wait for me to say those words, even if I whisper them under my breathe.

With the words spoken, I sat with Rocky in my arms, as he peacefully went to sleep, his suffering and pain had stopped, and he took a piece of my heart with him. Again a beautiful, old dog that had been dumped in the pound at 15 by his owners, maybe the stress of being dumped caused Rocky to also have a broken heart....

RIP Rocky <3

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