Sunday 15 October 2017

Dog Shit Spray

I do wonder what people think I do all day, as they seem to have some fairy tale image of me having the time to sit and play with the dogs for hours. The reality is I spend all day cleaning up shit and feeding animals. A continuous circle of clean, feed... clean feed...  and then repeat, nothing glamorous, nothing exciting.... clean.. feed repeat.

Cleaning the kennels has become easier since my husband bought me a pressure washer, yes I know some woman get diamonds, I get a pressure washer, but OMG it was one of the best things he has ever bought me. This has meant that cleaning can be done faster, and more efficiently, however, you have to understand that "dog shit spray" is going to happen.

All it takes is to hit the piles at the wrong angle, and you get it full on in the face, best case scenario it ends up in your hair, worse case, straight in your eyes or mouth.

Anyone who cleans the kennels will know exactly what I mean, and have experienced "dog shit spray" at least once. And if like me you wear your sunglasses on your head for cleaning, you will see the full extent when you go to put them back on.

When people first offer to clean the kennels you can see them trying to avoid the back spray, but trust me it will get you at some point, and towards the end, you simply don't care anymore.

The dog kennels may be spotless, but you look like you have been rolling round in shit for days. Then you move on to all the other animals. Thankfully these don't get pressure washed, but you still have to deal with everything from duck shit sludge to piles of horse poop.

Hours and hours I spend cleaning up shit, from everywhere, the kennels, the cages, the outside pens and even the car.

 No where is safe... so next time you sit there and think, "oh I would love to do what you do" Think carefully how much you like the taste and smell of animal shit!


  1. Absolutely brilliant made me laugh just thinking about it lol

  2. From now on when its my turn to clean the yard of poop....I am not gonna grumble...just think back to this blog....and the pic of that car is ingrained in my brain forever