Tuesday 17 October 2017

When You Just Want it to be Over!

Yesterday was one of those days when I found myself going REALLY, I woke with a banging headache, and it was Monday therefore, this did not start well.

I was late to the vets, which put me behind, and when I came home, I discovered that one of the dogs had died overnight. This does happen, but it never gets any easier, especially when you have to tell the rescue group whose dog it was that he had died. They wanted him cremated, which is fine, but I had to decide what to do with a 20KG dog for 6 hours in 40c heat. Yep, the freezer it was....

Then I spent the morning screaming at Igor to stop destroying my fences, before I shot him (obviously wasn't going to) then had to prep and wrap a transport box as fatty was going to another island to collect a dog. Met fatty at airport, and then headed back to he vet to collect the dogs in surgery, oh with said dead dog on back seat of car. Air con on full blast, praying I didn't get stopped.

Arrive at vets to be told, problems in surgery and touch and go if one of the dogs will survive, another had a broken jaw and another such poor teeth she had the lot removed.

Handed dead dog over, and waited.. and waited.. oh and waited.... finally got the dogs, where one decided to shit straight down me..... oh well, it sums up my day really.

On way home, to drop dogs, settle into recovery area, feed, clean and sort animals, cook dinner for family, Look at clock, oh shit fatty has landed with dog, so off I go again to the airport. Get fatty and dog, drop her off to her car, and then home with the dog... 22.00 and I am home.... 16 hours on the go....

Please can today be better!

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