Tuesday 10 October 2017

Free Ranging...

Owning chickens should be fun, and many people take time and effort to make sure their chickens are put away at night, and let out in the morning. Too be honest I have no idea how people have this much control over their flock, as mine are a nightmare.

Our chickens free range around the property and by this I mean they go where they want with no regard for anything. Basically they are feral, but we call it free range as it sounds far posher.
The problem is when you need to catch a free range chicken, it has the ability to turn into Usain Bolt. No amount of food, or screaming helps, and we end up running up and down, throwing buckets.

People are always really quick to give advice on how to catch chickens, and leave little food trails for them. Yeah right, I would challenge any of you to gather up my flock of feral birds, and convince them that going inside is the right choice. I actually think my relationship with my chickens works, I feed them, and they lay eggs... no faffing, and chicken calling every night.

However, finding the eggs is the next challenge, as it becomes a giant egg hunt every morning to try and see where they have laid. Again, my chickens never lay in the nice warm, cosy straw filled boxes, oh no they lay in feed bins, and buckets, and under washing machines. Oh the joys!

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