Sunday 22 October 2017

Oh But He Looks Sad!

Photography is not my best skill, however, I do manage to take good enough photos that the dogs are adopted. Some people really take the piss out of my skills, and too be honest, if you have the time, and can do better please do it. As anyone in rescue knows you have to take at least 400 photos to get one decent photo of a dog.

I was asked to take some photos of the dogs that are here for a rescue, so I did, and sent them over. Her response, "oh he does look sad" my answer "oh course he is bloody sad" What people seem to forget is although we may think their owners are arseholes, to the dogs they are their world.

For whatever reason they choose to drop them off to the pounds, that dog still loves that person, unconditionally, and for some they wait, and they wait for them to return.

Therefore, some of the dogs do look sad, they look terrified, confused, and sorry but this comes across in photos. I tell all the dogs that come into my care that everything will be ok, and that life will get better, but for a while it is a huge pile of shit.

So, when you look at the photos, and you think to yourself, oh doesnt he look sad...... think about what he has been through is such a short space of time, and imagine how you would look in a photo.

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