Wednesday 25 October 2017

Roll On November

Stumpy is in my house as he us too small for the kennels and he has reminded me why I hate puppies. Don't get me wrong he is cute, fluffy and funny, however, he is a puppy. This means that at any given second he turns into the Tasmanian devil, spinning at high speed throughout the house, causing chaos wherever he goes.

My oldies hate him as he leaps on them wants to play and spends hours tugging on their ears. Three of the smaller oldies have taken refuge on my bed at night as he cannot get on there. So he circles the bed like a great white waiting for an opportunity to leap on them.

Stumpy has an amazing home to go to and I'm counting down the days for our house guest to leave. He has reminded me 100% why I love oldies and dislike puppies. His endless energy and playful ways are cute for around 14.7 seconds and then I want peace.

Lovely as he is...... How many days until he leaves .....

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