Tuesday 31 October 2017

Why Wait?

The Spanish have a really bad habit of seeing dogs in danger, and waiting for the law to kick in which typically causes a dog to die, or suffer longer. Now don't get me wrong I am all for the law, and I do stay within the boundaries.... most of the time. However, once in a while we act, and wait for the policia to come asking questions.

We have a call some time ago from a Spanish lady asking for our help, she had watched as her neighbor had got more and more dogs.  Seprona had been called and they removed 32 dogs, leaving the guy with just seven dogs. Slowly these dogs had died from starvation, whilst she sat and waited for the police to get involved. There were just two dogs left, a St Bernard and a Pressa, the reason they survived was they were once so big, and it was taking longer for them to die.

We arrived at the finca, and met with the lady, from our vantage point we could see the dogs, and she explained that he was feeding his goats, and would be gone 30 minutes. As she waffled about what to do, and who to call I looked at my partners in crime and said "Now" One car would head down the track and keep watch whilst I went and got the dogs. The Spanish lady ran for her house, mumbling how we were crazy.

We drove down, parked I threw partner in crime number one over the fence whilst number two kept watch. Number one was armed with dog treats which she flung at the very angry looking pressa, who did not want to be saved. The St Bernard was much more amicable, and he knew what he had to do, he followed and thankfully wasn't that heavy as she threw him over he fence towards me. The Pressa had other ideas, and was having none of it, so he had to be left.

As we threw this bloody great dog in the boot of the car, all I could think to say was "drive drive drive" and off we went. Had we broken the law yes, but I knew all would be ok, because we had also saved a life. Paperwork would be filed, and the law would kick in, taking its usual amount of time. I never understand why people wait, to watch animals suffer and die rather than take the risk.

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