Friday 20 October 2017

Sexing Ducks!

I love ducks, and have many here, which is not an issue as apart from tripping me up, and shitty everywhere, they don't cause me any headaches. I did notice the other day that we appear to have a huge number of larger ducks, which means that the majority are drakes.

Oh great just what I need strutting, hormonal drakes, puffing their chests out and staking a claim on every female. I do have a guy that has offered to take any unwanted ducks, but as I know they would end up inside someones pancake rolls, it seems they are all here to stay.

Usually the size of the duck gives it away what sex it is, or the fact that he males strut and hiss all day, but there is another way to tell. I was told once by an old Canarian guy that if you pull on a ducks tail it makes a noise, well yeah I guessed that. I would imagine they make a "get off me you mad woman" type noise.

However, it seems that male ducks make a soft and rough sound, and females make a loud and hard sound! Don't ask me what the difference in noises are, as I never seem to get close enough to any of the ducks to pull tails, but one day I will, and I will see what noise they make!

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