Tuesday 31 October 2017

Why Wait?

The Spanish have a really bad habit of seeing dogs in danger, and waiting for the law to kick in which typically causes a dog to die, or suffer longer. Now don't get me wrong I am all for the law, and I do stay within the boundaries.... most of the time. However, once in a while we act, and wait for the policia to come asking questions.

We have a call some time ago from a Spanish lady asking for our help, she had watched as her neighbor had got more and more dogs.  Seprona had been called and they removed 32 dogs, leaving the guy with just seven dogs. Slowly these dogs had died from starvation, whilst she sat and waited for the police to get involved. There were just two dogs left, a St Bernard and a Pressa, the reason they survived was they were once so big, and it was taking longer for them to die.

We arrived at the finca, and met with the lady, from our vantage point we could see the dogs, and she explained that he was feeding his goats, and would be gone 30 minutes. As she waffled about what to do, and who to call I looked at my partners in crime and said "Now" One car would head down the track and keep watch whilst I went and got the dogs. The Spanish lady ran for her house, mumbling how we were crazy.

We drove down, parked I threw partner in crime number one over the fence whilst number two kept watch. Number one was armed with dog treats which she flung at the very angry looking pressa, who did not want to be saved. The St Bernard was much more amicable, and he knew what he had to do, he followed and thankfully wasn't that heavy as she threw him over he fence towards me. The Pressa had other ideas, and was having none of it, so he had to be left.

As we threw this bloody great dog in the boot of the car, all I could think to say was "drive drive drive" and off we went. Had we broken the law yes, but I knew all would be ok, because we had also saved a life. Paperwork would be filed, and the law would kick in, taking its usual amount of time. I never understand why people wait, to watch animals suffer and die rather than take the risk.

Monday 30 October 2017

Bad Reviews

On our FB page we have a review section, and of course I get people that want to rant, and bad mouth me and my charity. Some people question why I leave the review section on there, as it opens me up to the idiots. However, I have no issue with getting bad reviews, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion in the world.

Review sections on pages allow people to have a little mini break down, it is their petty five minutes of fame. Most bad reviews get written after one too many glasses of wine, where the spelling is awful, and the person feels they have done their public service. The reality is, what is written has no relevance to adopting a dog, or my charity, just someone with nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

The person writing the review is simply having a mini tantrum, the review isn't about the dog, it is often about me, and my rudeness, lack of sympathy, and not giving them what they want. These people want to get attention, and when I dont give it to them, they do the " Ok then I will leave you a bad review"

I have considered if the "one star" rating affects my charity, and too be honest, I dont believe they do. If you adopt a dog because of the ratings, then you are adopting for the wrong reasons. So, for the woman who took three months after adoption to compose their one star rating review, and then got their friends to post too.

Sorry I didnt argue with you, but I had better things to be doing on a Sunday morning, such a shame you and your friends didn't as well. Life is far too short to write stupid reviews, if you have a real complaint we can discuss it, but ranting and writing are simply not a good idea!

Sunday 29 October 2017

Extra Hour What's That?

Well this morning everyone got an extra hour in bed, what I got was dogs noses in my face, and cats circling like sharks around the bed. When other people rejoice with shouts of yippee for that extra hour, I think why bother.

Don't get me wrong I tried to get that extra hour, I laid in bed with my eyes firmly closed, pretending I was asleep. Then came the wet nose under the duvet, followed by another, when that didn't get a response they sent in the troops.

The dogs were fooled by the eyes closed plan, however, the cats were far smarter and knew I was trying to trick them. I laid so still, breathing slowly, eyes tight shut in a " I am asleep type way"

I thought I will take a peek and see how many cats had been sent to wake me, there were five all sat staring, I knew I could move slowly, and make it look like I was still asleep. I exhaled quietly, and gently rolled onto my back..... It was then they did the bladder leap.

Anyone with cats will know exactly what I mean, cats have an ability to jump on the prime spot causing you to need to pee NOW. I admitted defeat opened my eyes, to see smug animals giving each other high fives and heading for the kitchen. My extra hour became an extra hour to do stuff, welcome to winter!

Saturday 28 October 2017

Earless Bunnies!

We have Guinea pigs here, for no other reason than taking in unwanted pets, and when some new ones came in the other day the photo went up on FB. Now I have some great friends, and people that help me, including Miss H, who is one crazy, amazing woman, guaranteed to make me laugh, no matter what the situation.

Miss H is a huge stalker, therefore, within minutes of the photo appearing, she was guaranteed to comment. And she did with " Are they bunnies? where have their ears gone???? Now the amount of question marks, typically indicates how stressed she is, the fact there were four meant she was in a panic.

Messages begun to flow, asking who had cut their ears off, and why someone would do that, I then realized, she had no idea what guinea pigs were, and she honestly thought they were earless bunnies. I pointed out to her that they were Guinea pigs, which she had never seen in her life, she had presumed someone had taken a pair of scissors to a rabbit.

Chuckling away to myself, I continued my day, thanking Miss H for brightening my day, she is so special in a window licking sunshine bus way, but I love her.

Friday 27 October 2017

Please- Don't Speak To Me!

If you have read previous blogs you will understand all about transport days, and how they are stressful, and very long. With everyone that I do, I stand there and do think, I am simply too old for this shit. My body feels like I have been hit by a bus, and it takes me longer to get over them. People also choose to speak to me, why people why!

If you see me stood in an airport I do not look approachable, I have a look of I will stab you with a sharp object if you come near me. I am usually stressed, tired, and preparing to move large quantities of dogs, on my own. So, why is it that every time I get some idiot that want to have small talk with me.

"ooo are they all yours"
"where are you going with all those doggies"
"Arent they just adorable"
"OMG you are amazing"
"oh I wish I could do what you do" errrrrr struggle in an airport with heavy dogs, whilst idiots talk to you, please feel free to do it!

I have even tried the I speak no language at all so please fuck off face, and still they stand with their fingers poking into the dogs, wittering about their one cat they have at home, and how exciting this all is. Do I look excited?

So, this time to avoid the people I struggled all the way to the lift with heavy boxes, and trolleys, gritted my teeth and managed to get in the lift. Then I realized I was stuck, I could not reach the buttons, the doors were closed and the boxes blocking everything. FML I was stuck in a lift... at this point I actually thought I was going to cry.

After 10 minutes of standing there like a twat, wondering how long I would have to be stuck before anyone would notice I was stuck, I managed to stretch over everything and with the tip of one finger pushed the bloody button. I have never been so happy for a lift to move in my life. Lift drama over, I met up with everyone else, and the dogs got walked.

Although I was exhausted, seeing dogs like Lorenzo in his new jumper for transport, heading off to his new home, makes it very worth it. Dogs like him, is why we do this, why we give up sleep, and get stressed... roll on the next transport.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Roll On November

Stumpy is in my house as he us too small for the kennels and he has reminded me why I hate puppies. Don't get me wrong he is cute, fluffy and funny, however, he is a puppy. This means that at any given second he turns into the Tasmanian devil, spinning at high speed throughout the house, causing chaos wherever he goes.

My oldies hate him as he leaps on them wants to play and spends hours tugging on their ears. Three of the smaller oldies have taken refuge on my bed at night as he cannot get on there. So he circles the bed like a great white waiting for an opportunity to leap on them.

Stumpy has an amazing home to go to and I'm counting down the days for our house guest to leave. He has reminded me 100% why I love oldies and dislike puppies. His endless energy and playful ways are cute for around 14.7 seconds and then I want peace.

Lovely as he is...... How many days until he leaves .....

Tuesday 24 October 2017

We Will Take Them Back....

When you adopt a dog from me, it states clearly in the adoption contract we will take the dog back if you no longer want it anymore. It also states that if you abandon our dog, I will hunt you down and kill you, well no it states I will prosecute, but I wish it could say the first thing! Which bit of please get in touch with us do people not understand.

Returning a dog always causing me to go Oh fuck, mainly because it causes so much stress to the dog, but also it is a logistic nightmare, however, we will sort this out. Some people really try and give it a long time, but for so many reasons it is simply not a fit. Sadly then the dog has to come back, and it is found another home.

I must say that doesn't happen very often, but when it does and we all work together to get he dog the right home. These people I have time for, I can see that they have tried, and that they have contacted us for help. The people I don't understand are the ones that don't want the dog, and instead of contacting me they get their vet to kill the dog.

Firstly, you are a horrible person to agree to any vet killing one of our dogs for no reason, and secondly your vet would have broken every law as that dog is likely to still be chipped to me. So last week when I received the typical message of..... "my dog arrived, and my vet said it was emaciated, and should never have been let into the country" I replied with the standard, "your vet is a knob, the dog is underweight, but not emaciated, and all she needs is time, love and food"

Two days later I messaged to see how Piper was, to be told very flippantly, "oh my vet decided to let her go" I actually felt sick when I read that, please NEVER make it sound better when you kill a dog, you did not let it go you KILLED it. Why??? because some vet said it was the right thing to do. This woman did not ask me to take the dog, she did not ask for my help, she broke the contract, and the vet broke the law.

I asked her for the vets details she refused, I am taking this further, and the police have been informed. This woman and a vet killed my beautiful, happy dog, because she was unwell off transport. I let Piper down by trusting this woman when she told me she would care for her, All I can say is sorry Piper <3

Monday 23 October 2017

They Strike AGAIN!

Bloody breed specific groups, they strike again, are they from a different planet, or do they go to the I shit rainbow school. Why do they think they are better than anyone else, why do they think they know EVERYTHING and why do they think everyone else is scrapped off their shoes.

We have a British Bulldog who we saved from the pound recently, he was in poor condition, and my vet did an excellent job at dental, and we are working on his skin, however, with this breed it takes time.

One of my fosters offered to take him which was great, and then it went downhill. She had her head turned by the darkside... they convinced her that Darwin MUST go to a breed specific,

NO ONE else could help him, NO ONE knew what they were doing apart from them, he would be seen by the BEST vet in the UK , oh yeah cos mine is shit apparently.

The breed specific group messaged, and I politely declined their offer stating I was looking for a home, not another rescue. (yes I was polite) And then the foster pulled out, claiming I did not think of Darwin, and she could not foster.... the cult had her under their spell.

The breed specific people then started as they always do on FB, how I was NOT thinking of the dog, how only THEY could rehome him, and how the "joe public" should not have him. Well sorry to disappoint guys, but joe public are perfectly capable of having a breed. Maybe you should all get of your arses, and actually do some rescue work, then you would see what a real rescue does in a day!!

Sunday 22 October 2017

Oh But He Looks Sad!

Photography is not my best skill, however, I do manage to take good enough photos that the dogs are adopted. Some people really take the piss out of my skills, and too be honest, if you have the time, and can do better please do it. As anyone in rescue knows you have to take at least 400 photos to get one decent photo of a dog.

I was asked to take some photos of the dogs that are here for a rescue, so I did, and sent them over. Her response, "oh he does look sad" my answer "oh course he is bloody sad" What people seem to forget is although we may think their owners are arseholes, to the dogs they are their world.

For whatever reason they choose to drop them off to the pounds, that dog still loves that person, unconditionally, and for some they wait, and they wait for them to return.

Therefore, some of the dogs do look sad, they look terrified, confused, and sorry but this comes across in photos. I tell all the dogs that come into my care that everything will be ok, and that life will get better, but for a while it is a huge pile of shit.

So, when you look at the photos, and you think to yourself, oh doesnt he look sad...... think about what he has been through is such a short space of time, and imagine how you would look in a photo.

Friday 20 October 2017

Sexing Ducks!

I love ducks, and have many here, which is not an issue as apart from tripping me up, and shitty everywhere, they don't cause me any headaches. I did notice the other day that we appear to have a huge number of larger ducks, which means that the majority are drakes.

Oh great just what I need strutting, hormonal drakes, puffing their chests out and staking a claim on every female. I do have a guy that has offered to take any unwanted ducks, but as I know they would end up inside someones pancake rolls, it seems they are all here to stay.

Usually the size of the duck gives it away what sex it is, or the fact that he males strut and hiss all day, but there is another way to tell. I was told once by an old Canarian guy that if you pull on a ducks tail it makes a noise, well yeah I guessed that. I would imagine they make a "get off me you mad woman" type noise.

However, it seems that male ducks make a soft and rough sound, and females make a loud and hard sound! Don't ask me what the difference in noises are, as I never seem to get close enough to any of the ducks to pull tails, but one day I will, and I will see what noise they make!

Thursday 19 October 2017

But They Just Go To Sleep

It amazes me how many people believe that when they hand their dog into a pound, or rescue center that everything is going to be wonderful. They live in some fairy tale world, where their dog will be happy, and find a new amazing home. Don't get me wrong, this does happen.... sometimes..... but the majority of the time your dog will be killed.

Euthanasia is killing a dog, we can all make it sound pretty by saying that it is putting the to sleep, however, the fact of the matter is they are being given a lethal injection.  Many beautiful, healthy dogs are killed due to humans being idiots. There are times when dogs are PTS due to illness, or injury, and although this may be the "right" decision it is still awful.

Whenever I make the decision to put a dog to sleep, I stay with them, until the very end, as I feel I owe them this much. Even if they are aggressive they deserve someone to be with them as they take their last breath. Some dogs go peacefully, however, others know, they can sense it, and some fight it with all they have.

I have been at the vets where it has taken two or three of us holding the dog down to even find the vein. Thankfully the vets are experienced, and this process can be done quickly, but with a dog that doesn't want to go, it is an awful few minutes. The dog will thrash, and scream, knowing they are about to die.

Often dogs do not just "go to sleep" some have spasms, and take more of the lovely red liquid, and others will keep fighting until they can take no more. Once they have finally gone, my dogs have the privilege of being dealt with "nicely" However, many don't get such a luxury and end up stacked, in binbags waiting to be collected.

What happens to your dog next... Are they cremated? dumped like rubbish? made into animal feed? You will never know, and too be honest do you actually care. Your dog was just another thing that you got bored of, and threw away. If you don't want your dog anymore, have the balls to stay with it until its last breath... you may think twice about giving up on the next one.

Wednesday 18 October 2017

There is a Process

When you apply to adopt one of my dogs I take many things into consideration, and if they are a unique dog that may need more then I consider so much more. When stumpy went up for adoption I had many messages from people wanting him. There was some genuine interest, and some complete weirdos.

I take all of my adoptions seriously and want to make sure that the home is perfect, and although it may appear like I am doing nothing, I am in fact stalking, and assessing.

Stumpy is a typical puppy, and at the moment he copes very well with his leg being gone, however, this may change n the future. The people that applied simply did not tick all the boxes for me, and then one day the perfect one arrived.

Everything about this home felt right, she gave the right answers, had taken the decision very seriously, and made me sure that Stumpy would be in good hands.

So, decision made, announcement goes out on FB, and then I receive a shitty message from a woman who had not been successful in adopting Stumpy. Now, do I message everyone to tell them they have not been successful, nope, sorry don't have time. This woman was upset, and shitty, she said I had ignored her, and not told her.

My first thought was not that she was pleased that he had a home, but that she was acting like a small child, who had their toys taken away. No concern for Stumpy, but all me me me, how she was the perfect home, and I had not even bothered to ask her anything.

At first I was polite, and said that on this occasion I had decided on another person, and she had to appreciate there were many people interested. OMG she messaged again, and again, and again, and again to moan. Nothing of substance, but the same whiny message. Get over it , you aren't adopting him, and yet again my gut was right.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

When You Just Want it to be Over!

Yesterday was one of those days when I found myself going REALLY, I woke with a banging headache, and it was Monday therefore, this did not start well.

I was late to the vets, which put me behind, and when I came home, I discovered that one of the dogs had died overnight. This does happen, but it never gets any easier, especially when you have to tell the rescue group whose dog it was that he had died. They wanted him cremated, which is fine, but I had to decide what to do with a 20KG dog for 6 hours in 40c heat. Yep, the freezer it was....

Then I spent the morning screaming at Igor to stop destroying my fences, before I shot him (obviously wasn't going to) then had to prep and wrap a transport box as fatty was going to another island to collect a dog. Met fatty at airport, and then headed back to he vet to collect the dogs in surgery, oh with said dead dog on back seat of car. Air con on full blast, praying I didn't get stopped.

Arrive at vets to be told, problems in surgery and touch and go if one of the dogs will survive, another had a broken jaw and another such poor teeth she had the lot removed.

Handed dead dog over, and waited.. and waited.. oh and waited.... finally got the dogs, where one decided to shit straight down me..... oh well, it sums up my day really.

On way home, to drop dogs, settle into recovery area, feed, clean and sort animals, cook dinner for family, Look at clock, oh shit fatty has landed with dog, so off I go again to the airport. Get fatty and dog, drop her off to her car, and then home with the dog... 22.00 and I am home.... 16 hours on the go....

Please can today be better!

Sunday 15 October 2017

Dog Shit Spray

I do wonder what people think I do all day, as they seem to have some fairy tale image of me having the time to sit and play with the dogs for hours. The reality is I spend all day cleaning up shit and feeding animals. A continuous circle of clean, feed... clean feed...  and then repeat, nothing glamorous, nothing exciting.... clean.. feed repeat.

Cleaning the kennels has become easier since my husband bought me a pressure washer, yes I know some woman get diamonds, I get a pressure washer, but OMG it was one of the best things he has ever bought me. This has meant that cleaning can be done faster, and more efficiently, however, you have to understand that "dog shit spray" is going to happen.

All it takes is to hit the piles at the wrong angle, and you get it full on in the face, best case scenario it ends up in your hair, worse case, straight in your eyes or mouth.

Anyone who cleans the kennels will know exactly what I mean, and have experienced "dog shit spray" at least once. And if like me you wear your sunglasses on your head for cleaning, you will see the full extent when you go to put them back on.

When people first offer to clean the kennels you can see them trying to avoid the back spray, but trust me it will get you at some point, and towards the end, you simply don't care anymore.

The dog kennels may be spotless, but you look like you have been rolling round in shit for days. Then you move on to all the other animals. Thankfully these don't get pressure washed, but you still have to deal with everything from duck shit sludge to piles of horse poop.

Hours and hours I spend cleaning up shit, from everywhere, the kennels, the cages, the outside pens and even the car.

 No where is safe... so next time you sit there and think, "oh I would love to do what you do" Think carefully how much you like the taste and smell of animal shit!

Saturday 14 October 2017

Forgotten Dogs!

We rehome a lot of dogs which is fantastic, but there always seems to be the ones that become the forgotten dogs. They are the ones that have been here the longest that never get asked about, and regardless of how many times we promote them they never get a chance.

We have several dogs like that at the moment which is so sad, they are no trouble in the kennels, but this makes it worse, as they have become used to kennel life. They know the routines, they know where to go, and for them it is home. How sad is that? A dog that considers a metal cage to be home, because no one wants them!

Bryn has been here the longest, he has been here since he was 11 weeks old, and came in November 2015.

 Apollo was found wandering the streets he came to us at just 12 weeks old, and came in November 2015.

Honey was found on the streets and has been with us since August 2016.

Layla was picked up running down the road she has been with us since April 2016

Motz was given up by his owner because he was no longer a puppy he came to us in November 2016

Eddie is POUNDIE 117 ... we are now on 400.... that is how long he has been here.... Since June 2016

 Mia is POUNDIE 116......we are now on 400.... that is how long she has been here.... Since June 2016

ALL of these dogs have NEVER had ONE single person ask about them...... How sad is that?

Friday 13 October 2017


I am often described as Marmite, you either love me, or hate me, which is fine, but what gets me is people that slag me off and do not even know me. Social media has opened up a dark world, where people can say what they want, and for some their daily enjoyment is hurting other people.

I get a lot of abuse on FB, on my pages, and on common ground. This abuse is often from people that do not even know me, they have heard of me through other people and have decided they would start. I honestly worry about the mentality of a person who takes enjoyment of of hurting others.

I think we should always stand up for what I believe in, and this often causes waves. The thing is I don't care, you don't have to follow my page, you don't have to read what I write, but rather than unfollow or ignore, people like to be abusive.

Someone wrote to me the other day asking for my help to get insurance for their new puppy. Now I will help anyone, so of course asked him where he got the puppy from. His answer... the pet shop... WTF there are thousands of abandoned puppies in the pounds, and you are lining the pockets of breeders. So, as you can imagine the conversation went down hill rapidly.

I was not rude, I simply pointed out that over 10,000 dogs go into our kill pound every year and that I invited him to wander around the pounds and see what the breeders were contributing too. He then got abusive, stating the usual boring line " WOW you really do have a bad attitude, I see from Facebook your not very well liked anyway, just maybe love if you was nicer people would support you more"

So, basically I have to support buying puppies from breeders, and kiss everyone's arse to get support hmmmmmm not going to happen. You only have to see what we do, to realize we are making a difference, and if you don't like me, oh well I'm not going to loose any sleep over this fact. People tend to be abusive to others, when they cannot see their own faults....

Wednesday 11 October 2017

The Law Can Be An Arse Sometimes....

As with everything there are many laws where animals are concerned, the police claim they are to protect the animals but too be honest, some are just stupid. Microchipping is something that is law here, and I am all for campaigning to make sure all dogs have a chip. It makes life so much easier when you can return an animal if lost.

However, just because your dog is microchipped does not mean you are a good owner, and in my opinion, does not mean you are instantly entitled to have your dog back. If you have abused, or mis treated your animal, then just because it is chipped, does not entitle you to claim it. Sadly, the law states you are entitled to your animal back, and I have seen far too many dogs given back to idiots due to the law!

Thankfully that didn't happen yesterday, when we finally were handed a dog we had been fighting long and hard for. Yes she was chipped, yes she had an owner, but this dog deserved a new life.

Her second chance starts today, when she will no longer be used for breeding, and will begin to understand not all humans are bad. Owning a dog is a privilege and people should treat their dogs with love and respect. 

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Free Ranging...

Owning chickens should be fun, and many people take time and effort to make sure their chickens are put away at night, and let out in the morning. Too be honest I have no idea how people have this much control over their flock, as mine are a nightmare.

Our chickens free range around the property and by this I mean they go where they want with no regard for anything. Basically they are feral, but we call it free range as it sounds far posher.
The problem is when you need to catch a free range chicken, it has the ability to turn into Usain Bolt. No amount of food, or screaming helps, and we end up running up and down, throwing buckets.

People are always really quick to give advice on how to catch chickens, and leave little food trails for them. Yeah right, I would challenge any of you to gather up my flock of feral birds, and convince them that going inside is the right choice. I actually think my relationship with my chickens works, I feed them, and they lay eggs... no faffing, and chicken calling every night.

However, finding the eggs is the next challenge, as it becomes a giant egg hunt every morning to try and see where they have laid. Again, my chickens never lay in the nice warm, cosy straw filled boxes, oh no they lay in feed bins, and buckets, and under washing machines. Oh the joys!

Sunday 8 October 2017

Waiting... and Waiting!

When you drop off your dog to the pound.... you are an arsehole. Your dog will be terrified, and for some there is no coming back from the trauma!! Many dogs just sit and wait for their owners to come back, they do not understand why the person they loved has walked away. This is what happened to Kiwi...Kiwi is a 6 year old Chihuahua who was dropped off to the pound.

When he was dropped off he weighed 3.2kg, he refused to eat... he wanted his owner, but of course they were never coming back. So he sat in his bed, and waited....

When we collected him he was sick, on fluids to keep him alive, and weighed 1.3KG... Feeding him baby food, and giving him intensive drugs he got physically better... but mentally he is damaged.

Kiwi refuses to leave his bed, he refuses to interact with other dogs, and when humans go near him he screams. He is terrified, he is shutting down. This is heartbreaking for all of us, as all he wants is the one thing we cannot give him.... his owner...

Thankfully one of our foster homes has stepped up, and offered to take Kiwi, to see if they can work their magic, come on Kiwi you can do this.... Yet another part of our team that make sure we save lives.

Saturday 7 October 2017

No I In Team

Although there is no denying that I do a huge amount myself, I do also have an amazing team that I work with. Over the years I have built up a fantastic network of people who help us do what we do, and without these people we would not achieve as much. Some only help occasionally, and others are hands on day to day.

I have people in my phone that I call when I need certain things, and these guys are great, they do what they do, and we rescue more dogs. Although they are only there for the urgent, "oh fuck I need" phone calls, they are brilliant. Like the people who helped with a rescue from Tenerife the other day,

I needed a dog out of a bad situation, and called Mrs M and off she went, grumbling about fleas all the way but the dog was saved. Transported by Mr C along with two other dogs, so all in all in 24 hours three more dogs were saved. This wouldn't have been possible without these guys, its called teamwork, and I am a huge believer in this word!

Whether it is the vets, the volunteers, the transport team, the shop volunteers, the supporters on the page or the UK team, everyone helps to save lives. Each plays their part, and stuff gets done, everyone has unique talents in the world, and by utilizing these, we achieve so much more. There are people that are great at raising money, others that can drive to collect dogs, or ones that foster and rehome.

Like a jigsaw we all fit together, and complete the common goal..... save more animals, with no ego's, and drama. So, although it is my ball, and I choose who plays with it, I love the people that support what we do, and our team continues to grow :)

Thursday 5 October 2017

The Right Thing to Do!

Yesterday was tough, I had to make one of the decisions I hate making, the what is best for one of my animal decision. In fact on this occasion I didn't make it, my vet did, as I refused too, which was strange. One of my cats became sick around two weeks ago, and we had tried everything, nothing was working, and although he was on a drip, he was showing no improvement.

I took him to the vets yesterday morning, the vet knew instantly he had feline AIDS, I refused to agree, and clung to some last hope it was something else. I made the vet do the test, although we knew what the results would be, and needless to say it was positive. There is no cure for AIDS, and the kindest thing to do is to be put to sleep.

However, I refused, which I do not know why, as I knew he would die suffering and in pain, but as I clung to my cat in the vets, asking him to save him, at that moment I wanted a miracle. The vet and I looked at each other, him telling me he could not save the cat, and me basically demanding he saved the cat.

I refused to give him the cat, so he calmly walked to the fridge got what he needed and walked towards me. In any other situation the vet has to wait for me to utter those words, but he could see they were never going to come, so in my arms he administrated the drugs, and Nosey went to sleep. The tears begun to fall, and I left with my cat, and my heart broken again.

The journey home always allows me to cry, to get it out before I reach home, but yesterday the tears didn't stop, and for 45 minutes I felt them roll down my face and drop onto my lap. Did it make me feel better no, and I do believe that one day there will be no more tears left. Although the decision to put him to sleep was of course the right one, it sure as hell didn't feel right at that moment. 

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Kittens- Free to a Good Home!

When I see this advert on FB it really gets me angry, you might as well put free snake food, or here is an animal please abuse it. There are idiot "rescues" here that post free animals all the time, and state they don't want any money they are not doing it for the money, but just to see an animal in a good home. The reality is that good home that you are giving an animal too for free, is probably rather shite.

There are so many kittens here, and when people give them away for free, all they want is rid of them. They don't want the responsibility of what happens in 6=8 months. they claim to care, but honestly, they couldn't care less.

I have known of people getting kittens to feed to his snake, and others because they like kittens, but once they are grown they discard. There is a real sinister side to the "free to good home" people and it amazes me that people are still to stupid to realize.

A free pet is simply a disposable pet, and too be honest both sides don't really care about the animal. The original owner was stupid enough to let their cat breed, therefore, why would they care if the seven kittens they have given away will breed soon too.

Simply not their problem anymore, and this is why there are so many kittens/cats on this island. I know things are never going to change anytime soon, and all I can hope for is that if we keep ranting and moaning, then one day the stupid people will wake up and smell the coffee.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Feeding the Ducks!

I am convinced that all the stupid people on this island hatch a plan to find me, and make sure that I have a daily intake of stupid! I am a very sarcastic person, and many of my answers can be taken in the wrong way, however, some of the things that spill out of my mouth, surely you would know was a joke!

When people are allowed through my gates the first thing they see is the duck pond, well the disgusting green swamp that doubles as a duck pond. The oooooo and aaarrrrr's usually happen next as they see ducks. The questions then start and how I answer depends on my mood that day,

So when a woman asked why I have ducks I replied " because I'm too lazy to go and feed the ducks at the park, so stole them all and brought them here" "great idea wasn't it, save son petrol, time, and effort, I simply grab a bag of bread, perch my arse on a rock, and voile, instant entertainment"

At this point I expected a laugh, or something, but she stopped looked at me, and simply said "WOW what a great idea, how long did it take you to catch the ducks?"  For a split second I thought she was playing me at my own game, but then I realized she wasn't that intelligent.

Can the UFO that dropped these stupid people, make a return journey and collect them now please!

Monday 2 October 2017


When you have a busy week, and the volunteers find one dog after another, its time to put your head in your hands. Sadly the summer is always bad, and starved dogs come in frequently, and just when I thought my quota was full, I was sent this photo. 
 How could I say no, even though it was a pod, and I knew rehoming was going to be tough. My heart ruled my head, and i told the volunteer to bring her to me. 

Destiny as she was named, was sick, very sick, she had multiple tumors, was positive for filaria, and needed extensive surgery. 

But hey, whats more money that I dont have to save a dog! Destiny weighed just 8KG but needed the surgery, so she went under the knife. 

Destiny came through the surgery, which amazes all of us, she had an incredible desire to live. She is happy, and friendly, and simply wants a chance of happiness. 

Finding Destiny a home was always going to be a challenge, knowing all of her issues. Thankfully, we work with an amazing sanctuary in France that has helped us with Pods before, and she agreed to take destiny. 

The one thing Destiny had to do was gain weight, now this may sound easy but she had to gain 4KG to be allowed to travel, and for a pod that is a HUGE amount. 

Destiny, proved us all wrong again, as she got bigger and bigger, and now looks amazing. she is ready to travel, and will be going to her new home very soon.... Some dogs have a HUGE heart, and a HUGE desire to live... this is why all dogs deserve a chance. 

Sunday 1 October 2017

Maggots Under the Seat!

I love my car, and have had it now for a year, so I decided that she deserved a birthday present..... to be cleaned! Now if you know me and my car this is something that needed doing, a years worth of dog hair, puke, blood, and shit was in my car.

Thankfully I have cages in my car, and the back seats are covered, however, dogs have an ability to puke right in the seat belt holes every time!

After the last puking event, I attempted to clean the seats but the smell lingered, and I decided it was time to face the music, to drop the car off, smile and run.

 The guys that clean my car are amazing, they are not fazed by anything, and as I apologized and handed over the keys they waved me off with a see you in two hours! 

Two hours later I returned to a fresh smelling, beautiful car, with not a hint of puke or hair anywhere. They used the good old disinfectant bombs, and high powered hoovers and had made my car fresh and shiny.  As we stood chatting he asked if I had known what was under the seat... my head was racing, OMG was it an animal? 

Well, sort of there was a huge pile of dog sick, which had become a nesting ground for maggots.... NICE! I was mortified, but he wasn't bothered at all, thank god..... See you in a year guys :)