Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I've Suddenly Become Allergic!

One of the most pathetic excuses that I hear for handing a dog over to us or the pound is that the owner/family members/ cousin/grandmother/goldfish have suddenly become allergic. Now don't get me wrong having allergies is no fun, however, there are things you can do, sadly most people cannot be bothered.

So many people think that the only solution is to get rid of their pet, whether it be a new addition or a once loved long term family pet. They are simply discarded, and no effort is put into trying to find a way round the symptoms. As with everything in life if you put in some effort, you will see results, some of the things you can do are:

  • Air purifiers- these are great at removing allergens from around your home, and will make the air far cleaner. 
  • Regular grooming- making sure you keep on top of brushing and bathing your dog will help to eliminate the amount of hair that is in your home. 
  • Special shampoos- there are now some amazing products on the market that help to ensure that the dandruff which is often the cause of the allergy is eliminated. 
  • Daily cleaning- keep on top of your hoovering, prevent the dog hair, and dust building up. 
Of course people who really want to keep their pets will try anything, but the ones who are using the "allergy" line as an excuse will not care, and give up quickly. Far too many people listen to others especially when having a baby, and being told over and over to get rid of your pet is common. 

Fatty was told many times when she was pregnant to get rid of her dog and cat, and the Spanish were mortified when she said no way in hell. The honest answer is if my grandson is allergic to animals, we would deal with it easily, there are some great pills, drops, creams and antihistamines.  There is always a way round the problem..... if you are willing to try!

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