Saturday 3 February 2018

Time to Build the Ark

We were placed on storm alert, the island went into panic mode, the internet lit up with posts about schools closing, and temperatures plummeting. Now in the UK rain is normal, rain you simply get on with life, however, here everything shuts down. People refuse to do anything, the roads get clogged with idiot drivers, and everything leaks.

Rain we need, the island has had an incredibly dry few years so the farmers are happy that it is raining, however, I would like it to stop now. With rain comes mud, and where I live huge amounts of mud. With mud comes 100 times more work as dogs are muddy, and need more bedding than before, bedding needs washing, and of course wont dry as its raining.

Added with the extra stress of the fact my house "goat shed" still leaks, as every summer we say oh we must fix the leaks, and of course something else happens. now when I say leaks I mean we have a full blown river feature running through the house. The roof leaks, the walls leak, in fact it is a bit like sitting outside.

If the freezing temperatures here at the moment, and the fact I melt in the rain like the
witch off the wizard of Oz weren't enough, then we lost the electricity, So, my mood rapidly went down hill.

Needless to say I have spent the last few days wet, not moist, which some would say was a great result, I however, have lost my sense of humor.

Muddy animals, many refusing to go out, others wallowing in mud pits, then expecting me to carry them in past the puddles. No ability to wash and dry clothes, and mountains of washing building up, even when the rain stops it is going to be a long few weeks,

So, plans for today....

Get wet
Get muddy
Build an Ark

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