Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Quarantine- Black Plague!

The weather has been awful lately, cold, wet, more cold, more wet... resulting in mud, and me thinking I am going to die of hypothermia. Now I know I know the temperatures are not as cold in the UK, however, here I have no heating, I have a goat shed with so many leaks and gaps that really I could be sat outside, and when It drops to below 0c....then I think I am going to die.

As I drove out the other day at 18.00 the temperature was 3c..... so I knew it was going to be a cold one, and then I felt it..... my nose begun to run, the cough was lingering, and I knew I was ill! The black plague was upon me, and when I get ill, everyone should run for cover.

Being ill in the normal world is manageable, being ill in my world is impossible. No animal cares that you are ill, no animal offers to tuck you in bed, and feed everything else, therefore, you have to suck it up and get on with it.

So, I have dragged my arse out of bed everyday, getting sicker and sicker, feeling like I was going to die at any stage (are you getting the vibe I don't deal with being ill well) and carried on. I have tried everything to shift this bloody plague without success. So if I never write another blog...... it is due to me dying from..... well a cold, but that's not the point!

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