Saturday 17 February 2018

My Rescue- My Way!

I have an amazing team, and everyone plays a huge part in the success of Pet Pals GC, and without all of them I could not do what I do. However, as it is my head on the block if things go wrong, and my reputation and name at risk, I do state my rescue my way! I tend to upset people everyday by not doing things "their" way. The thing is I don't care, I do them my way, and it works, and I know we are making a difference to so many animals.

I really don't know what people expect when they message me about adopting, I'm not sure if they think I have a room full of office staff, ready to answer their messages immediately. On top of answering them straight away they would like me to tell them they are fantastic and the right person for my dog, even when they are not.

Now, you may think you are amazing that the way you live, and that your home is something out of a magazine. You may think that the fact you bought your dog from a breeder, but they weren't a breeder as the puppy was from a "friend" makes you an ideal person for one of my dogs, however, our opinions may differ.

Telling me "I will not find a better home" when you don't like my questions, or answers, does not bother me. telling me that "I run a shit rescue" and I have no manners again does not bother me, it just makes me realize that I made the right decision. Telling me I will never rehome a dog because I'm shit, makes me laugh.

Please remember you messaged me, not the other way around. If you took some time to look around the page, and learnt what we do, you would see that I am really busy. You would see what a great job we do, and that you are privileged to be allowed to adopt one of my dogs. If you cannot give me the time to answer, to go through your application, to discuss with you everything you need to know, then we are not the right place for you to be adopting from.

If you want a dog NOW for your perfect house, with your perfect life, your amazing dog bought from a breeder then please feel free to go elsewhere. As I'm not looking for perfect, I'm looking for honest, real people to adopt my dogs.

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