Saturday 10 February 2018

She Doesn't Know She is Sick!

This week has been yet another week of online abuse, and people writing rubbish, I do ponder when we became that we can write anything and think it is OK. The Bull Terrier who had her leg amputated had several things sent off for biopsy, so see what else was wrong, and he results came back this week. Now the results were not good, and it seems that she has cancer, however, not bone cancer as predicted, but cancer of the blood vessels.

Of course the first people that were told were the BT group, and we explained to them the usual options, yes you can PTS, or you can allow her to live, and make that decision later. Our vet here has predicted that in the right environment, with a good diet, and life she could potentially have a few years. Of course none of us know the exact time frame, but I know this dog, and at the moment she has no idea she is sick.

That may sound strange to many, but I have worked with dogs for a long time, and some when they are sick, feel sick, they are lethargic, and simply want it to go away. Mincer.. (sorry I know you call her Loulou, but I really can't LOL) is so happy, she eats, plays, and wants to live, she has an amazing outlook on life, something many people should copy.

Knowing Mince as I do, I know that when the vet gives the all clear to travel she will take that in her stride, and be loved so much in the UK that she will have an amazing few years. What pissed me off was the negativity that surrounded the news, yes she has cancer, yes she is going to die, but she does not have days!!

I am a great believer in positive thinking, if you think doom and gloom, it will happen therefore, writing, "oh she will enjoy her last few days" really hit a nerve which resulted in an online argument. Everyone was condemning her, being all sad, and pathetic, not embracing the spirit of this dog, not understanding how happy she is with life.

As always you get the idiots that just want to insult, so some idiot called me a drunk, and said it was the only reason I had posted, another quoted Disney movies a me! (dont ask, it was bizarre) I was told that I only rescue for the glory, and I wanted everything to be about me.... Nope you retards I wanted you to be happy that this dog was alive, and celebrate that and where her journey was going next.

This is always the difference between people who sit at home, typing BS on posts, rather than people who are actually involved in rescue. I have seen this dog, sat with this dog, spoke to this dog, and do love this dog. I know how she is feeling, and although I dont speak "dog" I understand her. At the moment Mince doesn't know she is sick, and this is fantastic....

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