Monday 5 February 2018

There Are No Excuses

There are several things that I am black and white about, no grey area at all, and one of these are there are NO excuses for walking your dog into a kill pound. These people are arseholes, sorry if you think that their BS excuse is good enough, trust me it is NOT. They should spend one day in the life of the volunteers, vets and rescues that see the hundreds of sad, confused eyes staring out, hoping for a miracle.

A massive number of dogs never get out of the pound, and many of these are expensive pure breed dogs that have been handed over. The excuses that come with these hand ins want to make me smack them in the face with a shovel. "we are moving" "I work long hours" I just had a baby" blah blah Then there are the idiots that truly believe that their once loved pet will be "fine" in the pound, and that they will get adopted quickly.

From the moment you dump your dog the stress for them begins, they have no idea what is happening, or what they did they did wrong. Your dog can potentially be destroyed from the moment they are dumped. The moment the pound is full then the numbers have to be decreased, and the only way to do this is to kill dogs.

Your dog will be terrified of the other dogs, as there are no single kennels with nice warm beds, and lots of toys to play with. There are large corrals with wet cold concrete floors, and the weakest rarely survive. Many dogs die through fighting, being ripped apart by a pack of stronger dogs.

Your dog will have to learn that there is no going out for the toilet, them and maybe 10 other dogs will pee and poop where they eat and sleep, until the workers come to clean with high powered pressure washers, therefore, they will get wet and cold daily.

Your dog is likely to get infections and coughs due to he water, cold, and general sickness that does the rounds in the pound. They will pick up fleas, ticks, and if they are really lucky scabies, and other desirable bugs. Your dog will hide away as it is so scared, making them "less" adoptable, and more likely to be PTS.

When it is time for them to be destroyed they are taken to "the room" at this point they have hope that you have returned for them, and will often wag their tails, and be happy. Sadly then they realize that you are not there, suddenly they slam on their brakes and refuse to move. Maybe they can sense what is about to happen, and feel all the souls of the dead dogs before them. Depending on how large your dog is they will be held down by volunteers and vets and the lethal injection is inserted.

If you are lucky your dog will go quietly, sadly this is not the case with many dogs and they will fight it, and tear out the needle, making things 100 times worse.  Many dogs do not simply "go to sleep" they fight and thrash and scream, they gasp for air, and their bowels empty all over themselves. As the burning lethal injection works through their body they pray it ends fast.

When your dog is dead its corpse will be bagged with all the other dogs for disposal, usually in the landfill as no one pays for cremation. Do you care? of course you don't, you dumped your dog in the pound. You took the easy way out with your BS excuse, and most likely went on to get another dog in the future. So, please do NOT ever tell me there is a good "excuse" for dropping your dog off to the pound, as there really isn't.

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