Sunday 29 April 2018

When Did We Stop Caring?

Last week was an incredibly long week, one thing after another, eleven new dogs had come through the doors, paperwork up to my ears, all I wanted was a glass of wine at the end of yet another long day. Driving home from the vets, I was imagining the wine, the peace, the few hours of sitting doing nothing. 

I saw the dead cat on the side of the road first, which is always sad to see, another cat killed by idiot drivers, left on the side of the road like rubbish. As I got closer, I saw something that made a tear instantly roll down my face. Laid next to her, and dangerously close to the road were her kittens, who had no idea they were trying to gain comfort from their dead mother. 

Whoever killed the mum, must have seen the kittens, and they left them there, to die. five small, innocent living creatures, left on the side of the road, a few more tears joined the first. I cannot get my head around the fact that a human being not only killed a cat, but then decided that killing five more was a good idea. 

The mum may have been an accident, however, making the decision to leave those kittens the person new what they were doing, when did we stop caring? Are humans not meant to be the superior species, the ones that care? make a difference? Needless to say I care, and although five more kittens is not something I need or can afford, I cannot leave them to die. 

So, scooped up and put in a box with a tiny puppy that was handed into the vets to be destroyed (another blog, another day) the five newbies spent the journey crying for their mother. That last 10 minutes home I cried and realised that bed and sleep might be better than wine, as I would never find a bottle big enough.

Friday 27 April 2018

Not Bad For An Animal Abuser!

Another week of bashing, another week of BS all over FB, but hey it means the idiots are leaving other people alone. This week it is that I am an animal abuser, and murderer, now unless I read a different dictionary to Fungus and her gang, I think you will find that this isn't entirely true. All you have to do is follow the page, look at the photos, and you will see success story after success story.

Take Telde 4 when he arrived in the middle of the night from the police raid, that we were asked to attend (hmmm amazing how they ask animal abusers to these things) he was skin and bone. He had sores, and was missing patches of hair.
He was a sorry looking dog with no reason to be happy, but with food, love, and the right medical attention he has thrived. He is huge now, and is loving life, which is always great to see.
Telde 4 is just one of the dogs here that has come on so well, and I am delighted that he is due to continue his journey soon and travel to mainland for second assessments, and rehoming. See that is the other point, I work with other people, it is what makes rescue a success and ensures more dogs get homes. None of this all about ME crap that you see so often.

Working together saves more lives, which is what it is about for me, seeing healthy happy dogs in their amazing new homes. Sadly this isnt the same goal for everyone, and one of the idiots actually criticised the fact that we have rehomed so many dogs....  I do pity these people, but hey I don't dwell on it as I have a rescue to run.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

This Means War!

Over the years I have attempted so many times to grow things, which usually ends in disaster, how I keep animals alive is anyone's guess! However, I achieved the impossible the other day and had grown tomatoes, now this might seem a very small achievement, but to me it was huge. Therefore, when anything, or anyone jeopardises this small hint of happiness, I will seek revenge.

I went to water my stunning crops, planning my multi million euro business from my one tomato plant, to discover something had been eating them! I had planted my crop far away from the goats and the rabbits, and even the ducks could not get to them. On closer inspection they had been eaten by caterpillars. Small, green, caterpillars were getting fat on my crop, they had just waged war.

Rapidly I begun picking them off in the vain hope I could salvage my tomato empire, and begun throwing them to the chickens. I considered it recycling as the chickens were needing lunch, this was met with stupid comments from my son about Buddhism.

I pointed out that the caterpillars had in fact broken their own Buddhist oath, and were not applying equal respect to my plants. I also mentioned that as much as Buddhism was important, so was Karma!

Sunday 22 April 2018

Home Inspection!

I get many calls and messages to take random animals from people that are idiots and have got a cute fluffy small creature that has grown into a monster animal when fully grown. The other day when I was driving home a friend messaged and asked "want a duck" thankfully I read it right, as the immediate response was "go on then"

So, it seems that a friend of a friend had bought a duckling from a pet shop *shudder* as it was cute, and fluffy, and yellow, and was lovely. Fast forward two months, and she now had a monster size duck living in her shower, shitting all over her bathroom. I agreed that this was not the best place, and told the friend, to tell the friend to contact me, and I would take the duck.

After a long conversation I had explained that our ducks live outside, and that they have  a pond, and other duck friends, and that no we don't eat the ducks. This woman went on and on and on, and at one point I did feel like screaming down the phone "for god sake woman anything is better than your shower" but I was very good and stopped myself.

The crazy woman then decided that she wanted to carry out an inspection of daffy's living area, she did in fact use those words, not I will pop around for a chat, but that she wanted to do a full inspection to decide if I was suitable. Now, correct me if I am wrong but I'm not the one keeping a duck in my shower.

Needless to say I told her to go away, and get a grip, if she wanted my help fine, but don't think you have the right to dictate when you keep an animal in a shower. The woman did eventually come off her high horse, and agreed to give us the duck who was actually Deirdre, not Daffy!!

Friday 20 April 2018

We Have to Get Off the Island!

A quick Geography lesson, Gran Canaria is an island, No where near Spain, in fact very close to Africa. Being an island means that everything including animals has to be flown, or travel by boat in and out. This means that transport costs are higher than mainland Spain. Sadly, the "fanclub" seem to be shit at geography, and are banging on about me ripping people off, and making costs up!

So, here is a math lesson for Mrs K, and your friends on your group claiming I am:

Funding my lifestyle
Making money
Ripping people off

If we get a dog from the pound everything is usually done, howveer, they are issued a cartilla which they cannot fly on. So a passport and rabies injection is needed- 30€

If we get a dog from a holding pound, police, other kennels, other organisations, we typically have to do everything- 195€- 155€

Then there is the monthly filaria treatment, tick, and flea treatment, worming, food and if other medical issues then more money.

When we rehome to the UK we ask for 285 pounds approx 321.79€ adoption fee. EVERY person is told how we transport the dogs, ask any of them! We state very clearly we fly from here to mainland (sorry cannot swim that far) and then the dogs are collected and transported by a fully licenced animal courier. Yet Mrs K claims, NO ONE is ever told this, I lie to EVERYONE and claim they are flown direct..... must be the slowest flight in history!

So back to the math lesson -

Transport costs per dog GC to mainland then mainland to UK including flights, customs, paperwork, transporter, tunnel, flying humans and boxes back is around 600€ per dog.

ONE DOG- 630€ - 825€ GC to UK

received 321.79€
this leaves a MINUS of between 308.21 and 503.21

YES a LOSS on every single dog.... before you ask why we do it.... to see these dogs happy and healthy. It is NOT a business, I own a charity, that does not make money, I do not live of my profit or lie to people.

Really Mrs K look in the mirror, as I have shown the rescue you lied about in your statements, and they aren't happy about several things you did. Also you should really remember when you lay down with dogs you get fleas.... and the person you are in bed with is the one I have many messages from you slagging him and his horse rescue off, have you told him that?

So yet again more lies about me and my charity, which is so annoying as you would think people would be happy that dogs are getting amazing homes. Sadly though there are people out there that are never happy, not with life, or themselves. Come on people take a look at your own sad little lives, and be happy for other people, you might surprise yourself, and become a better person!

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Miracles Do Happen

Over a year ago a tragic accident happened, and I prayed for a miracle, did I think it would come hell no, but it did and I am so thankful. Miss H offered to foster a small Chihuahua mix as he was struggling in the kennels. Not her type of dog at all, but she took him home, loved him and begun to feed him up. Then one day he got out through the gate slats, as all small dogs do, ran up the road and straight in with two Boxers.

Instinct kicked in with the dogs and they used him like a chew toy, shook him, and broke his neck. Miss H rushed our little Skittles to the nearest vet (not mine) and told them to do everything and anything to save this dog.

The vet in question I am not a fan of, but he did basic xrays, and told her to take him to a "specialist in the city" She of course did, and then made the call to me.

At no point did I ever blame Miss H, these things happen, however, the vets were ripping her off, and I was pissed off. So off I went in the middle of the night to get my dog, and after several hours, a huge argument I had him. As I carried him gently back to my car, to transport him to my vet I knew he was really bad, and the chance of him getting through this was so slim.

The next day we all met at the vets, to discuss possibilities, options, operations, and reality. Miss H said she wanted to try everything, so my vet operated, even he didn't think it would work.

As I sat in my car, I prayed for that miracle. Skittles came though surgery and it was still touch and go, the neck had to fuse back together.

He had to have 100% box rest, no movement, no fun, of course Miss H took full care, and every day I said to her, you know this might not work. Every day she would say "yeah I know" and every day I prayed for that miracle.

Slowly he begun to walk, he begun to improve, but the big test was when he had to have all the strapping removed, as his neck could simply fall. We had discussed if this was to happen, what next, and the day the vet cut the strapping I prayed for that miracle.... and it came. His neck had fused, and the operation was a success.

I honestly think that he only made a full recovery due to Miss H dedication and care, she did everything she could to ensure that he made a recovery.

She even found him an amazing home in the UK, and this is why she is a huge part of my rescue. Everyone needs someone in their circle who believes miracles do happen.... and she believed in Skittles every single step of the way, if it was not for her, he would not be here today!

Monday 16 April 2018

Membership Is Free

So, it seems there is a secret, not so secret group on FB filled with people who hate me determined to shut my rescue down. Now I'm not sure if I should be flattered that these sad people have set up this group, or excited that I have my own groupies. Either way it is beyond laughable, especially when you look at the membership list.

The group is made up of people who I have pissed off over the years, some from here, but mainly people from the UK. What makes the whole thing even more laughable is that a majority of the members don't even know me. They are those saddo types that join anything to get attention, and maybe a badge.

Of course there is Mr C who is pissed off as he can no longer con people with his dodgy "rescue", and I helped seprona to shut it down for starving his horses and keeping his dogs under tarpaulin in 50c heat. remember those horses?

He of course is shouting from the rooftops how evil and nasty I am, hmmmmm

Then beside him is the delightful Mrs K who loves every opportunity to grab her wooden spoon and stir that pot, yet she seems to forget how she left two dogs in the pound to rot, because she wouldn't let my rescue help to transport them, pissed around a UK rescue, and in the end the pound asked for my help as they were sick of her.

Of course Fungus is in there, screaming at every opportunity how I abuse animals, and murder dogs. Yet with not one bit of evidence, but hey she lives up to her name.. irritating as hell and no purpose in life.

Then there is Mr C who cannot even spell my name, which results in poor Mrs Barker getting the blame for everything he posts.

There is also a lady from Spain who I dont even know, but she loves a good drama, and refers to me as the devil at every opportunity. .... isnt it better the devil you know?

I'm sure there are many other members waving pitchforks, and making "We Hate Louise" T shirts...

All I can say is...

Saturday 14 April 2018

Put It On The Bill

There are several things that are going to be written on my headstone when I die, many I cannot repeat, however, one saying that I use a lot is "put it on the bill"  I have never been one to ask the vets how much things are, I always think if you have to ask then you cannot afford it. I would never not have an operation due to lack of funds, and the day I do is the day I quit.

So many rescues delay operations, and vital procedures due to a lack of funds, and this is worrying. Although I worry about money a lot, I have an amazing vet who knows he gets the money eventually. We rely on amazing supporters to help, and slowly we pay off the debt after the animal has been fixed.

Surely if you cannot have a relationship with your vet where the dog comes first, then you should not be rescuing animals. Sorry if people don't agree with me, (whats new there!) but the animal should always come first. The phrase "put it on the bill" is said so often with me, but we always pay it, and the animal has a chance.

I sit is despair when I see "rescues" pleading for money to pay for operations, with the dog just sat there waiting. How is this helping? how is this what is best for the dog? I suppose it also helps that I work as well as run my rescue, so I know that if it really comes to it I can pay out of what I earn. Again this is the correct way to run a rescue, having a back up plan for expenses.

On a side note..... Contrary to the stupid statement that was said yesterday about me from a person who we refer to as Fungus (irritating as hell, and has no purpose in life) regarding the claim that I do un necessary surgery on dogs so I can blog about them, I think the dogs would consider them to be necessary for their health, and future. Rossi is one such dog... hit by a car, broken leg.... She is thankful I said "put it on the bill"

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Welcome To My Hell Hole

Over the last few weeks I have had abuse after abuse and most of it goes over my head, especially the comments regarding the "state" of my kennels or the fact that my rescue is a "hell hole" Why do these comments not bother me, well because the idiots stating this have never been to my kennels have never probably even been to this island. As always it is just idiots, spouting crap about stuff they know nothing about.

The reality is the kennels are cages..... the dogs don't have luxury acomodaticio, however, what they do have is a warm, clean, comfortable place, with bedding, clean water and food.  We pressure wash every kennel, twice a day. Change the bedding daily, and ensure that all the dogs have as much comfort as a kennel surrounding can give them.

I was slated the other day because we often use old transport boxes as beds, separate them, flip them, and voile, one plastic bed. However, this was twisted to "I keep my dogs in plastic boxes", as always you can believe what you want... transport box being recycled as a bed in my world is a great idea. I have never denied that the dogs are in kennels, AKA a cage, but people seem horrified by this.

One delightful woman posted on FB that my rescue was worse than the kill pound here, my question as always have you been there? have you been here? needless to say the answer was no to both, yet she felt she had the right to post, lie, and then do the "I wouldn't want to see where the dogs are" Then why do you feel the need to post, other than to cause shit.

Another woman posted how the dogs need to get out of my "hell hole" again when confronted, she gave a pathetic response, of "no why would I want to see" maybe love to see what utter crap you are spouting. How can you possibly comment on somewhere you know nothing about, where you have never seen.

Why do these people post this crap... that is easy because they are sad, lonely little trolls that have nothing better to do. So, whilst I remain in my hell hole, saving lives, rescuing animals, you can sit at home typing away on FB. Hmmmm Hell hole V's Your life... I know which one I would prefer!!

Monday 9 April 2018

Rescue V Breeder Debate

I am about to open up that can of worms, but to be honest I do not care, as comparing rescue to breeders is like saying apple and oranges are the same. A FBD went up for adoption yesterday, therefore my inbox filled quicker than a leaking boat. A huge majority of applicants already have a FBD, so I ask the question..... "Is it a rescue" knowing that 90% of the people are going to say no.

So, of course I then ask why buy from a breeder, and some people have reasonable answers, and feel their decision was correct. Other people are simply stupid, and believe that we need breeders for FBD in the world. Now don't get me wrong not all breeders are bad, and yes there is a place for them in the world. However, over breeding a fashionable breed for profit is not a reason in my mind!

A woman argued with me yesterday that it was not the breeders who caused the pounds to be full, and that it was irresponsible owners. Yes to a point, but without the breeders, we would not have so many puppies in the world. Rescues and pounds are overflowing with dogs, and many are pure bred, therefore, breeders are not needed.

I always think that if these people spent a day wandering around kill shelters, then their attitudes may change. Sadly though I think there are a large number of people that believe breeders are important, so they can buy their designer puppy when they want to.

It is easy to say oh well everyone has a choice, yes they do.... but does the female dog? Does she have a choice? Nope humans make this choice, to breed over and over, making money from her womb.

A HUGE majority of puppies end up in pet shops, or sold in local papers to people that want a FBD. This trend has caused the world to go mad, and as with every trend it has yet to loose its appeal. A lady told me she bought from a breeder as the list for a rescue FBD was too long. Surely if you really wanted to rescue, you would have waited on that list. Sadly we are a world though that want things NOW.

Although I do try and see it from other people's point of view, I find it hard to justify buying from a breeder, so when you apply, and I ask the questions, work with me. Be honest, answer the questions, and we can work together to educate each other. Don't dismiss my questions, state im rude, and have a temper tantrum. Telling me that I will never find a better home for my dog, will not push you to the top of the adopt list, trust me you will be right down the bottom in the NEVER getting one of my dogs pile.

Saturday 7 April 2018

Operation Catch A cat

The number of stray cats here on GC is huge, in fact I think they out number people, and might be plotting to take over the world! There are cats everywhere, and many people do not care that they have the potential to breed over and over, creating a massive problem.

No matter how many times I tell people the scary numbers that one female cat has the potential of producing it never seems to have an effect.
Sadly the attitude is often "oh well they will die eventually" I have walked into so many finca's to see literally hundreds of cats running around, with the owner having no care, or responsibility. So, when I walked into the Spanish guys place the other day and saw the cats, my heart sank, as so many were pregnant, and I knew I had to ask the question.

Usually, when I ask why the cats are not steralised, the Spanish look at me like I have grown a second head. They simply do not see it as a problem, as the kittens will likely die, and eventually the cats will die from disease, or fighting. However, the answer I got was a shock, a nice one, and one that we could work with.

I asked if the issue was that he didn't want to steralise, or was it money... he answered "money" Well that was easily solved, as I knew a group of amazing supporters that could help us to raise the funds. We came up with a plan, I would supply the boxes, he would catch the cats as instructed, and I would pay the bill.

So, all week we have been meeting swapping neutered cats for un neautered ones, and we have managed to steralise 13 so far.
We think there is around 8 more to go, which is incredible, and will make his and these cats lives so much better. These are the small things in life, which has made me feel so proud to have the supporters I do, as you all came together to help someone you did not know. If everyone did a little so much more could be achieved in the world!

Thursday 5 April 2018

Thank God For The Chain

I don't agree with dogs being chained, however, the other day I was thankful that a dog was on a chain, and that I had worked out how long the chain was! When we were at the Spanish guys finca, he showed us all the dogs that were scattered far and wide. Many were chained as he had no cages/kennels for them. When approaching a chained dog it is always a cautious experience as the dog considers this area to be there property.

There was a beautiful dog sat up on a pallet house, he watched us as we approached, and jumped down to greet the guy, tail wagging, full of happiness, rolled over for belly rubs, and then jumped back in to his house.

This happened several times, and the dog appeared to be friendly, and I begun to walk towards it. I stopped as I heard a low deep growl, which is never good. We locked eyes, he growled, and I went backwards as fast as I could, praying the chain was the length I had predicted.

Thankfully, I was correct and just as I reached the safety spot the dog stopped on the chain. At that moment my heart needed to resume to its normal speed, and Miss H started sniggering that she had never seen me move so fast.

The dog was obviously very protective of his home, and his area, this may be something that we can work with once unchained. So, on this occasion a chain was good, it enabled me to still have legs, and to be able to walk away.  I will return and unchain, and see if his behaviour is different. If so he may get his chance of a new life, but for now he has to stay and wait his turn.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Asking For Help

Asking for help is something that very few people do, as they are too proud or too stupid until it is too late. Which is why I was shocked when I was asked for help last week from a Canarian Guy who had admitted he had a problem, and needed help. As always I was sceptical as many of these places are awful with starving dogs, and I want to hit the owner with a shovel.

I was 100% shocked, and not for the typical reasons, but because this guy was genuinely nice, and really did care. He had 24 dogs, all in very good condition, in fact one that I have is obese! The other protectoras had not helped him because the dogs were black, big, not so friendly and were not going to be easy to rehome, but as always that didn't put me off.

The guy had ended up with so many due to finding them on the waste lands near his finca, or being thrown over his wall. He had tried to help, but now felt overwhelmed, and had reached out for help, which I found very refreshing. I know the feeling of overwhelmed, I know what it feels like to feel like you are drowning, and cannot come up for air..... but I am too stubborn to ever ask for help.

So, we wandered around his property looking at dog after dog, who were starring out at us pleading, and decided we could help with five. This may not sound a lot, but as always we are FULL and these five were of course big, grumbly and black. I'm not saying we wont help with more, but for now, three have been collected, and I need to go back for the other two.

This story will continue, as we help him with other things, including operation catch a cat... but for now I am feeling all warm and fuzzy that someone stepped up to look after stray dogs, and then asked for help and we could help!

Sunday 1 April 2018

They Don't Live in Apartments!

I've lost track of the amount of times I have received a message asking for help with a baby goat or sheep in an apartment. I know these people start with the best intentions, and they try to save the small cute bundle, but come on people they cannot live in apartments. The only thing I would say is that people do get in touch sooner rather than later.

Baby goats/sheep make a lot of noise, it is like a crying baby 24/7 they follow you, pull on your clothes and jump on everything. They of course poop everywhere, so I can see why the appeal quickly wears off. So, late on Thursday night my phone went off, a young girl had found a goat could I take it.

Really it is a no brainer, when people reach out and ask for help, I cannot say no, so pick up point arranged, and lots of tears later I was in possession of a small bundle of bleating fun.

The baby goat was in fact a baby sheep, but hey very similar, and will need the same attention. So, on top of everything else, I now have a lamb to bottle feed!

Happy Easter guys!